A relationship with reality as mutually creative and co-equal


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The Curse of Greyface is the creator-creation dialectic, and reductionist materialism (very different from emergent physicalism) nixes the creator and keeps the orphaned creation. To unify them is to experience reality as an ever-present and ever-changing creating.

The Sacred Chao is reflected by Whitehead’s process philosophy:

“The final causality operative in self-creative process becomes efficient causality transcending the process. “For-one’s-self-ness” becomes “for-the-others-and-for-the-totality.” “Everything that in any sense exists has two sides, namely its individual self and signification in the universe.” These two poles cannot be torn apart. Each finds its fulfillment in the other via their dialectical relation. Thus, becoming is for the purpose of being (signification in the universe), and being is for the purpose of novel becoming (the emergent individual self).

Objectivity, facticity, is the permanent aspect of reality – immortal achievement immortally realized; subjectivity, immediacy, process, is its changeable aspect – its advance towards novelty. But subjectivity is not the result of an underlying subject’s activity of relating objects to itself, of a one weaving a many into the pre-existent unity of its oneness [note: this is greyface.] It is, rather, the “growing together” (con-crescence) of objects to create a novel subject which enriches the many from which it springs. “The many become one, and are increased by one.” The entire world finds its place in the internal constitution of the new creature, and the new creature lays an obligation upon the future: that it take into account the value achieved by the new creature. Thus every creature both houses and pervades the world.”

-Elizabeth Kraus, The Metaphysics of Experience.

Why make reality your bitch when you can make love to it, befriend it, to be created by it and in turn add your creativity to it? Creativity is magic, and what we are is creativity that has found a way to bend upon itself and create co-creators. Discordianism to me as more than just a “joke religion,” is a deep and honest reflection of the truth that reality is poetry and art, of the mutually creative relationship of order and disorder.


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