Aktion 23

ACTION 23 is (maybe) looking for you!

You are good at it: Living, doing things, clapping your feet while standing on your head, psychonautics, mental avionics or neuro-mantics?

Then you should watch out for us, we might want you.

We need well-trained specialists in the following professions to implement subversive activities:

● Classically trained spaßgeriljerⓐs

● Antiterrorists

● Chaotes

● Phools

● Activitists

● Chaos nuns (chuns) / chaos monks (chonks)

● Knights cobblar

● Exdoctrinated chaos magicians

● Really high priests

● Mindhackers

● ‘Pataphysicians

● Zenarchists

● Psycho-logicians

You should bring along:

● Well-trained five senses

● High kenacity

● Faith in the goddess Eris (will be contributed by us if necessary)

● Faith-jumpers possible (preferably SubGenii, Pastafarians, Dudeists, also other obscure sects welcome)

● Craftsmanship (Bavarian fire drilling, spinning yarn, pulling strings, digging reality tunnels) – no must-have, but welcome

● Ambitious dilletantism (desenrascanço), Total confusion or equivalent expertise

What we offer:

Not much, but still…

● DisOrganizational resources

● Network development possibilities

● A lot of experience in carrying out half-baked actions

● And the Ultimate Illumination™ or something.

…which is still more than nothing.

Brainwashing on demand.

If you are interested, please fill out the questionnaire or personally show up at one of our virtual fivline presences.






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