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[ note from the author:

Dear staff@phrack.org @The_PHC you might remember me from a couple of years ago.
I sent you a draft for an article on #PROJECTMAYHEM2012 In the beginning
you accepted it for publication, which made me extremely happy, for,
since I was 19 years old it was my DREAM to publish one day in Phrack.
I also contacted @ioerror and @wikileaks without much success, though
initially they showed much interest on it.
Fortunately a certain @rushkoff echoed the video at
twitter.com/rushkoff/status/137205760072491008 the Department of
Homeland Security spotted us [4] and the rest is history.
All in all it can be said that #PROJECTMAYHEM2012 was an #EPICFAIL
but we certainly did it #4dalulz

My head is hard and I'm dead stupid when something enters my brain.
And so it occured to me that I could #PATCH #PROJECTMAYHEM2012 and
turn it into a hopefully improved revision with #TheGame23
And hence, here I come again, with #TheGame23
#TheGame23 is a *FICTIONAL* en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alternate_reality_game
All identities are fake and the theater of operations is a
simulated planet on top of a computer hypersimulation that creates
#REALITY as @players start to play with the commands of the #HIVEMIND

The only credit I will take in this story is for having (very poorly
and clumsy, I have to apologize) developed #LULZYPHER
#LULZYPHER is the language used to #BOOTSTRAP the first hybrid
machine-human Artificial Intelligence and it will be born the very
second that you hit the "publish" button. #LULZYPHER predates
twitter.com network, but due to its nature, it is more contagious
than #EBOLA In other words, expect that this new #LIFEFORM 
massively infekts other networks such as #FACEBOOK, #TUMBLR,
#INSTAGRAM, #REDDIT, #YouTube and #meneame at lightning speed
once #CRITICALMASS has been reached.

In any case, dear readers, please don't take it too seriously.
It's only a story. Everybody knows that stories can't be that
harmful in the very least.

Finally, I would like to apologize to staff@phrack.org for not
having taken the time to properly finish this story, for it
is quite open actually. I don't know if that is a good thing
or a bad thing, but maybe readers might fell compelled to
begin to DRAW their own final in this story.

I swear with all of my being that I'm not trying to get away
with the rules of not publishing anything other than 7bit ASCII
The truth is that I'm extremely exhausted after having given
the 108% of my soul when writing this. I would only expect
that if any readers begin to wonder what would happen if
they decided to begin to play #TheGame23, that they played
#TheGame23 as I have done: with my entire being, 108% focused
on the #TASK at hand, obsessively concentrated, like when
you are hax0ring for the fucking hell out of it and you just
enter "The Zone": en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)

In other words, publish this story or don't: I don't care,
for my work is done. And I don't mean it in a personal way,
it is just that I honestly don't care with el batido de alas
de la mariposa que se ha despertado escribiendo esto.


"Art is now the only evolutionary-revolutionary power.
Only art is capable of dismantling the repressive social system to build
Joseph Beuys, 1921-1986

[0] pm2012.tumblr.com
[0] galatorg.com/index.php/project-mayhem-2012
[1] http://pastebin.com/Wt15GXTn
[2] http://pastebin.com/sllwjbtz
[3] youtube.com/embed/EGxDqpOxDkw?rel=0
[4] bit.ly/1v0A1WN
Department of Homeland Security National Cyber Security
and Communications Integration Center Bulletin
Warns Against Project Mayhem 2012 - 21 December 2012.
[5] pastebin.com/Ux0Uk2em

Hi #HIVEMIND I'm Professor @m1Vr4 Please start to run these #TASKS. nao.

**************#ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT ********************
**************#ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT ********************
**************#ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT ********************

A ***MAJOR*** vulnerability has been found in #TheGame23

*EXPECT* that en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_kill_switch *WILL* be activated once #TheGame23 goes viral.

#HIVEMIND Heads of #PROTECTKILLSWITCH @dakami @taviso @lcamtuf @dotMudge Jafasa @fjserna @m_ndingo
@griyo666 @roman_soft @bquintero @chemaalonso & Juan Carlos Garcia Cuartango & Miquel Barcelo via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND poke Banksy
#HIVEMIND stencil imgur.com/wi4hE0y #EVERYWHERE #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND stencil imgur.com/zwFjRil #EVERYWHERE #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND c0de #TYLER as per pastebin.com/Wt15GXTn pastebin.com/sllwjbtz pastebin.com/Ux0Uk2em #4dalulz #PRIORITY3
#HIVEMIND Heads of #TYLER Linus Torvalds, @ioerror et al. at torproject.org/about/corepeople.html.en &
jrandom, zzz, killyourtv and Complication diffie at stanford.edu & @MartinHellman2
rivest at mit.edu & adi.shamir at weizmann.ac.il & adleman at usc.edu & prz at mit.edu &
Taher Elgamal & skape at microsoft.com via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND c0de #ALGORITHM for #KARMADB #PRIORITY2 Head of #ALGORITHM is Donald Knuth via @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND run #KARMADB on #HUMANITY to hierarchize ALL human #knowledge AND #RESOURCES #PRIORITY3 via @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND Head of #KARMADB is @montywi @larryellison Sergei Brin & Larry Page via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND poke @DJQbert twitter.com/DJQbert/status/195347630476378112 play #TheGame23 with us via @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND poke @DJQbert twitter.com/DJQbert/status/504584490698567680 play #TheGame23 with us via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @DJQbert "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @galatorg "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @R_A2012 "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to author of soundtrack EGxDqpOxDkw "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @InVzion "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @AnonymousPanik "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @REALITYHACKING "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @TROLLYMPICS2012 "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
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#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @kenyarkana "Thanks /s/istah: yo u fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to @rushkoff "Thanks /b/ro: you fucking ROCK!" on behalf of @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND broadcast #EVERYHOUR on #EVERYRADIOSTATION and #EVERYTVSTATION #WORLDWIDE youtube.com/watch?v=LBMh6po7V44 on  via @m1Vr4

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away...

       Here’s to the crazy ones.
	   The misfits.
	   The rebels.
	   The troublemakers.
	   The round pegs in the square holes.
	   The ones who see things differently.
	   They’re not fond of rules.
	   And they have no respect for the status quo.
	   You can quote them, disagree with them,
	   glorify or vilify them.
	   But the only thing you can’t do is ignore them.
	   Because they change things.
	   They push the human race forward.
	   And while some may see them as the crazy ones,
	   we see genius.
	   Because the people who are crazy enough to think
	   they can change the world, are the ones who do.

	   "Cuidado, todos los juegos electrónicos ocultan
	   una gota de veneno."

	   Everything you can imagine is real.
	   Robert Anton Wilson
	   When I went to school they asked me
	   what I wanted to be when I grew up.
	   I wrote down "happy". They told me
	   I don't understand the assignment
	   and I told them they don't understand life.
	   John Lennon
	   Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't
	   mean I'm wrong.
	   Robert Anton Wilson
	   If you think you know what the hell is going on,
	   you're probably full of shit.
	   Robert Anton Wilson
	   On a planet that increasingly resembles one
	   huge maximum security prison, the only
	   intelligent choice is to plan a #JAILBREAK
	   Robert Anton Wilson
	   The future is up for grabs. It belongs
	   to any and all who will take the risk
	   and accept the responsibility of
	   consciously creating the future they want.
	   Robert Anton Wilson

"There are periods of history when the visions of madmen
and dope fiends are a better guide to reality than the
common-sense interpretation of data available to the
so-called normal mind. This is one such period,
if you haven't noticed already."
The Illuminatus! Trilogy (1975)
Robert Anton Wilson (with Robert Shea)
Part I : The Eye in the Pyramid, p. 32

The A∴A∴ must rank as the most secretive secret society
in the world. Perhaps nobody, not even the few writers who
have discussed it, knows for sure when the A∴A∴ began,
which group claiming to be the A∴A∴ at present is the real
A∴A∴, or even what the symbols A∴A∴ stand for — although
many claim to know these things of course. … Occult historians
generally agree that V.V.V.V.V. signified Vi Veri Vniversum
Vivus Vici ("By the force of truth I have conquered the
universe"), one of the eleven magic mottoes of Aleister Crowley.
        Robert Anton Wilson 
		On conspiracy theories involving the A∴A∴,
		and the leader, known only by the initials
		V.V.V.V.V., in A∴A∴, p. 21 - 22

 A true initiation never ends.
      Robert Anton Wilson 
      Masks of the Illuminati (1981), p. 257

	  Conspiracy is just another name for coalition.

	  Robert Anton Wilson 
      The Historical Illuminatus as spoken by Luigi Duccio

The worst that can happen under monarchy is rule by a
single imbecile, but democracy often means the rule by
an assembly of three or four hundred imbeciles.

Robert Anton Wilson 
        The Historical Illuminatus as spoken by M. Gabriel Sartines

Everybody who has ever worked for a corporation knows
that corporations conspire all the time. Politicians conspire
all the time, pot-dealers conspire not to get caught by the narcs,
the world is full of conspiracies. Conspiracy is natural primate behavior.

Robert Anton Wilson 
The I in the Triangle, speech held at a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California (1990)

You simply cannot invent any conspiracy theory so ridiculous
and obviously satirical that some people somewhere don't already believe it.
Robert Anton Wilson 
Everything Is Under Control (1998)


Siembra, que algo queda...

¡Es difícil desear de verdad! Si no se tiene es porque
no se quiere. El deseo más importante es DESEAR DAR.


Igne Natura Renovatur Integra

Honey Bunny: I love you, Pumpkin.
Pumpkin: I love you, Honey Bunny. 
PUMPKIN (yelling to all): Everybody be cool THIS IS A ROBBERY!!!
HONEY BUNNY: Any of you fuckin' pricks move and I'll execute
every one of you motherfuckers!!!

# sshnuke WOPR.darpa.mil -rootpw="vivaeljamonyelvino"
Connecting to WOPR.darpa.mil:ssh ... successful.
Attempting to exploit SSHv1 CRC32 ... successful.
Resetting root password to "holamamasalgoenlatele".
System open: Access Level <23>
# ssh WOPR.darpa.mil -l @m1Vr4
root@WOPR.darpa.mil's password: 93LVXNOX934dalulz93


	   I'm fine. How are you?
	   People sometimes make mistak
	   Love to. How about Project #metahack: #TheGame23?
	   Later. Let's play Project #metahack: #TheGame23
	   Welcome to Project #metahack: #TheGame23
	   "In times of crisis, only #IMAGINATION
	   is more important than #KNOWLEDGE"
	   Albert Einstein
	   ∵ O the sunny land of Spain ∴
	   do *NOT* play with...


       1337Hax0rs Worldwide UNITE to PLAY #TheGame23:
       an APT, CTF & Alternate Reality GAME to CONNECT
	   the most beautiful, cunning and untameable minds
	   and hearts alive to c0de The #HIVEMIND and to build a

	   First they ignore you,
	   then they laugh at you,
	   then they fight you,
	   then you win.
	   Mahatma Gandhi. Also redhat.com motto.
	   If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,'
       then by all means PAINT! and that voice will be silenced.
       Vincent Van Gogh

	   Trinity: Neo, no one has ever done anything like this.
	   Neo: That's why it's going to work.
	   m1Vr4@phrack.org |  @m1Vr4
	   pub  4096R/A0DE5795
	   Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.
       Michael Jordan

       Project #Metahack Epic 0wnage:
	   PWNing teh Metaverse #4dalulz
  	   Project #Metahack is dedicated
       to the loving memory of
       Aaron Swartz, Fravia & g4yh1tl3r:
	   This one's for you /b/ros!
	   "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
	   committed citizens can change the world;
	   indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
	   Margaret Mead
	   "I am not a man. I'm dynamite."
	   Friedrich Nietzsche
	   "All truth passes through three stages:
	   First, it is ridiculed.
	   Second, it is violently opposed.
	   Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
	   Arthur Schopenhauer
	   MUST. READ. Metahacker's Bible:
	   "One of the most difficult tasks people can perform,
	   however much others may despise it,
	   is the invention of good games."
	   Carl Gustav Jung
	   “You have to learn the rules of the game.
	   And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
	   Albert Einstein
	   "Be true to the game, because the game will be true
	   to you. If you try to shortcut the game, then the game
	   will shortcut you. If you put forth the effort, good
	   things will be bestowed upon you. That's truly about
	   the game, and in some ways that's about life too.
       Michael Jordan

	   "Programming is not a zero-sum game. Teaching something
	   to a fellow programmer doesn't take it away from you.
	   I'm happy to share what I can, because I'm in it
	   for the love of programming."
       John Carmack

	   "Man only plays when in the full meaning of the word
	   he is a man, and he is only completely a man when he plays."
	   (On the Aesthetic Education of Man — Friedrich Schiller)
	   “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play
	   than in a year of conversation.”
	   “This is the real secret of life -- to be completely
	   engaged with what you are doing in the here and now.
	   And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”
       Alan Wilson Watts
	   “Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced,
	   not because it has been sober, responsible, and cautious,
	   but because it has been playful, rebellious, and immature.”
       Tom Robbins
	   I play to win, whether during practice or a real game.
	   And I will not let anything get in the way of me and
	   my competitive enthusiasm to win.
       Michael Jordan
	   “Each player must accept the cards life deals him or her:
	   but once they are in hand, he or she alone must decide
	   how to play the cards in order to win the game.”
	   “It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
       Ralph Waldo Emerson
	   “Individuals play the game, but teams win championships.”
	   “We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves,
	   or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play.”
       Charles E. Schaefer
	   “If you want creative workers, give them enough time to play.”
       John Cleese (Monty Python)

	   “Genius is play, and man's capacity for achieving genius is
	   infinite, and many may achieve genius only through play.”
       William Saroyan
	   “Life must be lived as play, playing certain games,
	   making sacrifices, singing and dancing, and then a man will
	   be able to propitiate the gods, and defend himself against
	   his enemies, and win in the contest.”
	   Money is not a motivating factor. Money doesn't thrill me
	   or make me play better because there are benefits to being
	   wealthy. I'm just happy with a ball at my feet. My motivation
	   comes from playing the game I love.
	   If I wasn't paid to be a professional footballer
	   I would willingly play for nothing.
       Lionel Messi
	   My work is a game, a very serious game.
       M. C. Escher
	   "I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career.
	   I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted
	   to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over
	   and over and over again in my life.
	   And that is why I succeed."
       Michael Jordan

	   Project #Metahack is dedicated
       to the loving memory of
   Aaron Swartz, Fravia & g4yh1tl3r
              Aaron Swartz
"There is no justice in following unjust laws. It’s time to come
into the light and, in the grand tradition of civil disobedience,
declare our opposition to this private theft of public culture.
We need to take information, wherever it is stored, make our
copies and share them with the world. We need to take stuff that's
out of copyright and add it to the archive. We need to buy secret
databases and put them on the Web. We need to download scientific
journals and upload them to file sharing networks. We need to fight
for Guerilla Open Access.
With enough of us, around the world, we’ll not just send a strong
message opposing the privatization of knowledge — we’ll make it a
thing of the past.

Will you join us?"

Guerilla Open Access Manifesto (July 2008)

"I think that the best legacy that — the best tribute we can pay
to Aaron’s legacy is to continue to fight as hard as we can to
make this world a more just, fairer place."
Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, life partner of Swartz

               Aaron Lives!
   "Olorum morte narratur flebilis cantus,
   FALSO, ut arbitror, aliquot experimentis"
"Poetry -and more generally a sound general culture-
are also quite helpful armors.
Yet my most cherished advice to all friends is the following:
learn to enjoy your contingent present, don't be obsessed by
the future. Carpe diem, and enjoy the current emotions:
a starry sky, a fresh wind, the shells on the seashore,
your love at your side in the night, a long talk in the evening
twilight with a friend, the smile of your kids.
Substituting *that* with a TV -or a computer screen- is a
very poor bargain... that is one of the few things I am now
pretty sure of."


         g4yh1tl3r's last words:



|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[  WELCOME TO                 ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[   >:PROJECT #METAHACK       ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[   First 't was the Gene.    ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[   Then  't was the Meme.    ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[   Time to Tame the Teme.    ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[ ONE SOLUTION: RE-EVOLUTION. ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|


“El verdadero arte siempre es trasgresor, hace avanzar la historia.
El arte siempre es trasgresor porque propone algo NUEVO.
Si no es trasgresor no es arte.
La gente piensa y tiene una revelación, “esto se puede hacer así”,
y lo pone en práctica.”
Alejandro Jodorowsky - @alejodorowsky

"You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star."
Friedrich Nietzsche

"Hay algo que, una vez conocido, permite conocer todo lo demás."

"A hacker is someone who enjoys playful cleverness, not necessarily with computers.
Hacking means ***exploring the limits of what is possible***, in a spirit of playful cleverness."
Richard Stallman

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

'They laugh at me because I'm different;
I laugh at them because they're all the same.'
Kurt Cobain

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself.
Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man."
George Bernard Shaw

I am a metahacker, enter my world...
Yes, I am a criminal.  My crime is that of curiosity.


you want REAL CHAOS?:

|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Ordo ab http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KOH       ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Pulchrum Est Splendor Veritatis.”              ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?”     Juvenal    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “During times of universal deceit, telling      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   the truth becomes a Re-Evolutionary aCt.”       ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                  George Orwell    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Everyone has the right to freedom of           ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    opinion and expression;                        ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    this right includes freedom to hold opinions   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    withouth interference and to seek, receive     ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    and impart information and ideas through       ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    any media and regardless of frontiers."        ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Whenever any Form of Government becomes        ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    destructive of these Ends, it is the Right     ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    of the People to alter or abolish it, and      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    to institute a new Government, laying its      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Foundation on such Principles, and             ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    organizing its Powers in such Form, as to      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    them shall seem most likely to effect their    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Safety and Happiness.”                         ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    United States Declaration of Independence.     ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    July 4, 1776.                                  ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “When the People fear their Government,         ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    there is tyranny;                              ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    When the Government fears the People,          ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    there is liberty.”         Thomas Jefferson    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “The ideally non-violent state                  ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    will be an ordered ANARCHY.” Mahatma Gandhi    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   "I need someone to protect me from all the      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    measures they take in order to protect me.     ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX, collapse the box and    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    take a fucking sharp knife to it.              ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    There are four basic human needs;              ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    food, sleep, sex and VENDETTA."      Banksy    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Only connect.”                 E.M. Forster    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “I have never looked upon ease and happiness    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    as ends in themselves —this critical basis     ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    I call the ideal of a pigsty.                  ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    The ideals that have lighted my way, and       ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    time after time have given me new COURAGE      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness,   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Beauty and Truth.”          Albert Einstein    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “A revolution without DANCING is a              ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    revolution not worth having.”                  ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                   Emma Goldman    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “I'm not a man. I'm DYNAMITE.”  F. Nietzsche    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but      ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    upon error also."              Carl G. Jung    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   "We are all errorisTs.                          ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Failure as Perfection.                         ]=--------=|
|=--------=[    Error as Delight.                              ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                         ErrorisT International    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “All great ideas are dangerous.” Oscar Wilde    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Ideas are bulletproof.”                   V    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.”                ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                               Aleister Crowley    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=--------=[   “Mom, Dad, where were you when IT happened?”    ]=--------=|
|=--------=[                                                   ]=--------=|
|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[        iMAGIne. aCKt.       ]=-------------------=|
|=-------------------=[                             ]=-------------------=|

This is either the best of the worst article on Phrack EVER.

+ Phrack exploit + Firewalk
+ Google Project Zero exploit
+ Sergei Brin & Larry Page exploit
+ NSA & Cybersec exploit
+ Peiter Zatko aka @dotMudge exploit
+ Fibonacci exploit
+ IQ exploit
+ Hackerscene exploit
+ Twitter MetaWorm
+ The CTF Game
+ Democracy exploit
+ Countries exploit
+ Coin exploit
+ Googlecon exploit
+ Planetary exploit
+ Überexploit

Phrack exploit + Firewalk

This is a completely new way of hacking. Please do not judge it until you read the whole article.


"An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive networked narrative
that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia storytelling
to deliver a story that may be altered by players' ideas or actions."

"Reality hacking is any phenomenon that emerges from the nonviolent use
of illegal or legally ambiguous digital tools in pursuit of politically,
socially, or culturally subversive ends."

Democracy is broken.


Metahacker: hacker of hackers.
Metahack: to hack hacking.
Metaverse: universe of universes.

Out-of-bonds attack OSI Layer 8 (=Human Brain)

@thegrugq retweeted
The Toolcrypt Group @toolcrypt
hacking is sitting in front of a screen for days,
failing miserably followed by minutes of cackling glee.
being good is mostly not giving up

Hackers weakest and strongest point is PASSION

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.
Albert Einstein

"Every society honors its live conformists and its dead troublemakers."
Marshall McLuhan

Do that what you fear THE MOST. I was the 4th CISSP in Spain

Lateral thinking - outside of the box
Project Loki for the Mind

Hyenas of the Security Industry
From: Brad Spengler <spender () grsecurity net>
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2010 00:01:19 +0200

Locke, via Leibniz in "New Essays on Human Understanding" said,
"boldness is the power to speak or do what we intend, before others, without being intimidated."


Project Mayhem - based on Pr0j3ckt Mayhem
http://pastebin.com/Wt15GXTn (+40.000 views)
http://pastebin.com/sllwjbtz Project Mayhem 2012 'Dangerous Ideas #1 and #2'
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGxDqpOxDkw - #PM2012 video

Project Alchemy - codenamed #UnfuckTheWorld - brain injeckt a very simple yet extremely powerful IDEA into the minds of Brin & Page.

@alejodorowsky - Master of Stealth & Invisibility

If this article has MOVED you, I'll be more than happy to hear your thoughs: tell me what you have felt.


We face many crisis: environmental, political, economic...
Build a MERITOCRACY based system in the same spirit that CTFs are built

Wins the $person to hand $TARGET a printed copy of this paper.
Second place for the person who made $person aware of #metahack.
Third place for the person who made the person who ma
CTF token by Brin & Page: Viva el Jamon y el Vino!

Let's build something bigger than the total sum of ourselves.
Let's dare to hack the planet.

It's in the interest of the hive that the most talented people command Spaceship Earth.


i.e. Tweet the following line:

@taviso @lcamtuf @scarybeasts @BenLaurie Thou Shall ***NOT*** read this:
http://phrack.org/thegame #metahack via @m1Vr4

pro-tip: http://research.google.com/researchers.html

Post in your favourite list/board.

at these guys (in no particular order...or maybe yes... }:-) They form part of my persona mythology:
they are MY HEROES.

The goal of #TheGame23 is to score the maximum amount of points.
Points are #TheGame23 gold and they measure the #lulz , #imagination, #skillz and overall the CREATIVITY
potential of a @player

The FIRST thing a @player does to join #TheGame23 is to follow @m1Vr4 and @yastanimeil and then post:

Hi @yastanimeil Proudly playing #TheGame23 Project #metahack phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

or, if someone introduced you to #TheGame23 :

Hi @yastanimeil Proudly playing #TheGame23 Project #metahack phrack.org/thegame thanks to @player via @m1Vr4

The SECOND thing a @player does after joining #TheGame23 is to post this:

Dear followers, please read phrack.com/metahack and follow @yastanimeil & @m1Vr4 to play #TheGame23 You have been infected. Infekt The Others!

The THIRD thing a @player does after joining #TheGame23 is to create a list with his PERSONAL HAX0R HEROES.

hax0r has absolutely nothing with metasploit or just "hacking" computers. a hax0r is MUCH more than that.

Leonardo da Vinci, Helen Keller or Vincent Van Gogh were hax0rs in the truest sense of the word.

What is a *true* hax0r:

Someone who excells at #lulz, #imagination or #skills.
Someone who excells at CURIOSITY.
Someone who has a PASSION and follows it no matter what others say, think or do, to the point of madness.
Someone who CREATES worlds that other people inhabit.
Someone who fights for The Good, The Beautiful and The Just.
Someone who shares for the love of sharing.
Someone who shines at mindfucking persons, systems, ideas and beliefs.
Someone who leaves the world a better place.
Someone who obsessively pursues a $TARGET until its final consequences and absolutely never never ever gives up.
Someone who does much with so little.

Examples of 1337hax0rs in the History of Humanity:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grace_Hopper Uber1337

Feel free to find as many of your PERSONAL HAX0R HEROES as you like. Then, follow then, if you are
not already following them.

Then proceed to send the following message to each one of them:

Dear @candidate, please read phrack.com/metahack and follow @yastanimeil & @m1Vr4 to play #TheGame23 You have been infected. Infekt The Others!

Just don't stress it, for Twitter might ban you if you spam the same URL many times.

#HIVEMIND poke @SergeyBrin @LarryPage Linus Torvalds & @BillGates #CTF00 via @m1Vr4
#HIVEMIND poke Banksy #CTF01 via @m1Vr4

poke. to invite a certain person or persons to join & support #TheGame23

@player will then post this tweet at @person

Hi @person, you have been successfully featured in #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame Please play with us #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

This $HACKTION will be considered successful once @person posts these 2 tweets from their Twitter account:

- - Proudly playing #TheGame23 Project #metahack phrack.org/thegame thanks to @player via @m1Vr4
- - Dear followers, please read phrack.com/metahack and follow @yastanimeil & @m1Vr4 to play #TheGame23 You have been infected. Infekt The Others!

137 points will be awarded to the FIRST @player whose actions kindly persuaded @person to join #TheGame23

If $person hasn't got a Twitter account, they will have to

1) create one
2) authenticate it by posting a message via an alternate comunications channel,
such as a mailing list, a forum or in a personal blog post.

i.e. Linus Torvals, who hasn't got a Twitter account yet, would have to:

1) create one &
2) post a message to LKML like: 

I created @linustorvalds to play #TheGame23 Please read phrack.org/thegame @player made me do it via @m1Vr4

3) Then post these 2 tweets from his new @linustorvalds account:

- - @yastanimeil Proudly playing #TheGame23 Project #metahack phrack.org/thegame thanks to @player via @m1Vr4
- - Dear followers, please read phrack.com/metahack and follow @yastanimeil & @m1Vr4 to play #TheGame23 You have been infected. Infekt The Others!

#HIVEMIND hacktion $HACKTION #CTF03 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

i.e. #HIVEMIND send a flower bouquet to @person at $LOCATION #CTF03 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

At any moment during #TheGame23 you can get HELP by querying #HIVEMIND like this:

Hi #HIVEMIND I need #HELP. Any player knows howto $data to successfully complete #CTF03? #TheGame23

Hi #HIVEMIND I need #HELP. Any player knows howto find @person's physical address to successfully complete #CTF03? #TheGame23

If $HACKTION is successfully completed, points will be awarded to both @player and @helper

On completion of a certain $HACKTION the @player will post:

Hi @yastanimeil I successfully completed $HACKTION #CTF03 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

If you have been helped to complete your $HACKTION you will post:

Hi @yastanimeil I successfully completed $HACKTION @helper1 and @helper2 made me do it #CTF03 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

Another way to query #HIVEMIND is to access a command syntax.

i.e. Hi #HIVEMIND I need #HELP on $COMMAND Thanks /b/ros! via @m1Vr4

Other @players will then proceed to help this fellow /b/ro and issue the required info on that command.

Hi #HIVEMIND I need #HELP on #PLAYERCOUNT Thanks /b/ros! via @m1Vr4

Hi @player Welcome to #TheGame23 Your help on #PLAYERCOUNT is ready at pastebin.com/gigMHfXW You are welcome!

Another way to query #HIVEMIND is to ask for ANY kind of information on ANYTHING by creating a personal hashtag:

like this:
Hi #HIVEMIND I need #HELP on #SQLInjection Thanks /b/ros! via @m1Vr4

Other @players monitoring #HELP would then help /s/he like this:

@player Hi /b/ro! Regarding #SQLInjection get this book: AFD937408D1BF13DE5F21F4EB32A8ED614F348D2 via @m1Vr4

Sometimes $HACKTIONS are awarded with points. Some others points cannot be awarded, for there might be
no way to track @players hacktions. In this last case it is said that $HACKTION is done #4dalulz

@players can issue a #protip to #HIVEMIND once they have successfully decoded
an item to complete a $HACKTION or #CTF

like this:

Hi #HIVEMIND I got a #protip for you: $PROTIP #CTF04 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

Hi #HIVEMIND I got a #protip for you: DNS at site.com is vulnerable to CVE-2001-0010 #CTF04 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

Again, if you need more than 140 chars to explain it, you can substitute $PROTIP for a pastebin link.

Sometimes @yastanimeil CENTCOM will award a certain @player points for an interesting #protip like this:

Congrats @player! Your lulz/imagination/skillz won you 1337 points! #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

You can suggest $HACKTIONS to @yastanimeil CENTCOM like this:

Hi @yastanimeil I suggest $HACKTION for #HIVEMIND #justsaying #TheGame23

Then other members of #HIVEMIND monitoring #justsaying #TheGame23 will 
upvote it by retwitting @player's suggestion

If @yastanimeil CENTCOM considers that the suggested $HACKTION has been retweeted by many @players
and is powerful in either #lulz or imagination or skills, the task will be submitted to
#HIVEMIND like this:

Hi #HIVEMIND @player suggests $HACKTION #CTF04 SHALL WE PLAY #TheGame23? phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

If @player requires more than 140 chars to explain $HACKTION he can substitute $HACKTION for a pastebin link.
Please feel free to use TOR to connect to pastebin.com if you deem it necessary.

@yastanimeil CENTCOM will award certain points to @players for reasons given in due time.

#CENTCOM awards @player 1337 points for $REASON congrats! #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

If a @player develops a $HACKTION so intense, imaginative and creative that it goes massively viral
on the interwebz s/he will be awarded the great sum of 13337 points and a mention in the #HALLOFFAME

Certain $HACKTIONs are described with an alias, such as audit:

#HIVEMIND audit site.com #CTF01 Project #metahack via @m1Vr4
audit. ambiguous. for some @players audit = PWN. for some others audit = protect.

If you decide that you are going to PWN site.com, please do it with aesthetics & style:
don't just deface it: be atent to details and please make sure the #lulz are high in glee.
If you need to increment the #lulz of the #HIVEMIND by sharing your plunder, please feel free
to bittorrent the hell out of it and post the link or magnet hash.

You can get some inspiration from http://www.zone-h.org/archive

If successful please post the following:

Hi @yastanimeil #GLEEALERT! I have increased the #lulz in the #HIVEMIND site.com is #TANGODOWN & #PWNED
#4dalulz #CTF01 #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND bittorrent $item #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

Self explanatory.


#HIVEMIND bittorrent 8432221589 #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

@player will then:

0. Create a username at thepiratebay.se that matches @player's name at Tweeter
1. Upload bittorrent to thepiratebay.se/torrent/
2. Inform Mr. Google of its location: google.com/addurl

Once successful, @player will post the following:

@yastanimeil Delivered: $MAGNETHASH #4dalulz and for #HIVEMIND with lots of love phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil Delivered: E24622CBC2803C22D1991FB0EB31CFE1B4AB9679 #4dalulz phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

137 points will be awarded to the quickest person to upload and report $item

technical details:
book = PDF always prefered. epub also accepted.
mp3 = 320 kbps encoded with LAME ffs!
Please refer to:
mkv/mp4 = use handbrake.fr/downloads.php default settings

In this case, googling 8432221589 resolves to this book:

Abaddon el exterminador (The Angel of Darkness) by Ernesto Sabato

User communication:
#HIVEMIND send @user $message $counter times #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND send @BillGates "SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? Please read phrack.com/metahack and play with us!"
1 time #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

Each @player in the #HIVEMIND will then proceed to send @BillGates this message, just ONCE:

@BillGates SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? Please read phrack.com/metahack and play with us! via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND DDoS @luser with love $counter times #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

This command instructs #HIVEMIND to send @luser a certain amount of messages.

#HIVEMIND DDoS @EsperanzAguirre with love 3 times #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

@player will then proceed to send @luser loads of love 3 times:

Dear @EsperanzAguirre Yo mama so hairy, she has afros on her nipples
#4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

The best aka most #LULZYPHER/imaginative/skillful messages, once spotted by @yastanimeil CENTCOM or once
they have been retweeted enough times by #HIVEMIND will win 13 points for each message sent.
i.e. if @yastanimeil issued a command to send love 3 times, if chosen, @player would get 39 points.

#HIVEMIND d0x @luser #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

where d0x means to extract as much information as possible on @luser by using ANY means suitable.

@player will then proceed to google @luser (or use ANY other means to extract info about @luser)
and document his findings at titanpad.com

Once successful, s/he will then post his findings like this:

@yastanimeil Delivered: titanpad.com/ZbIT5Mc #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

Successful d0x will be awarded certain points depending on the quality AND the amount of lulz injected

Other times @players can act on their own in a *CREATIVE* and imaginative way. You can then
notify @yastanimeil CENTCOM like this:

Hi @yastanimeil I have #CREATED this wonderful video for the #HIVEMIND with love youtube.com/video #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have #CREATED this wonderful mp3 for the #HIVEMIND with love soundcloud.com/mp3 #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have #CREATED this wonderful wallpaper for the #HIVEMIND with love imgur.com/jpg #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have #CREATED this wonderful torrent for the #HIVEMIND with love thepiratebay.com/torrent #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have #PWNED this wonderful site for the #HIVEMIND with love site.com #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have #MASSPWNED these wonderful domains for the #HIVEMIND with love pastebin.com/domainlist.txt #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil CENTCOM particularly like these CREATIVE actions.
Points will be awarded considering the lulz/imagination/skillz involved.

If your $HACKTION is high in #lulz and glee, please specify so: #4dalulz
Hi @yastanimeil I have done some pieing on @Dr_Kissinger & @Lagarde #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have run with my naked ass at the Superbowl #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4
Hi @yastanimeil I have french kissed @marianorajoy on national TV #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

These high profile $HACKTIONS with high potential for #lulz and glee for the #HIVEMIND might be awarded
with an inclusion in #TheGame23 #HallofFame.

Hi @player Your wonderful work of love at site.com/workoflove wins you $POINTS #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

You can share some #TOOLSOFTHETRADE with #HIVEMIND like this:

@yastanimeil #TOOLSOFTHETRADE Hi #HIVEMIND I have created a wonderful pad at titanpad.com/12IT5Mcq22 
to work together on cracking #CTF05 #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil #TOOLSOFTHETRADE Hi #HIVEMIND I have created a wiki at metahacking.wikia.com 
to work together on improving #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil #TOOLSOFTHETRADE Hi #HIVEMIND I have created a wiki at thegame.wikia.com 
to document and research anything related to #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil #TOOLSOFTHETRADE Hi #HIVEMIND I have created a github repository at github.com/metahack 
to work together to c0de The #Cathedral in python #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil #TOOLSOFTHETRADE Hi #HIVEMIND I have created a github repository at github.com/metahack 
to work together to port The #Cathedral to Ruby #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

If @player spots #metahack #TheGame23 on the media, s/he will post:

#MEDIAALERT! #metahack #TheGame23 has been featured in news.com/metahack GOGOGO!!! #HIVEMIND phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_Ludens_(book) and comment #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

where read means to profusely read a certain article/book/txt/pastebin and to comment means to
create a metahack.wikia.com entry on the subject with #HIVEMIND pieces of wisdom on the subject.

Every now and then, @yastanimeil CENTCOM will monitor metahack.wikia.com for interesting submissions
where the #lulz/#imagination/#skillz are high and award the corresponding points to @player
Please make sure that your username at wikia.com matches your @player name at twitter.

#HIVEMIND write http://imgur.com/HdPcUra at $LOCATION #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

where write usually means to spray a graffiti and $LOCATION is given in Google Coordinates
i.e. https://www.google.com/maps/place/International+Monetary+Fund,

Sometimes a certain user can be instructed to commit a certain task.

i.e. @banksy write $WHATEVER at $LOCATION #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

Once successful, @player will report @yastanimeil CENTCOM back:

@yastanimeil #lulz have been successfully injected into #HIVEMIND proof: http://imgur.com/VhJq9jC #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND storm $PLACE #4dalulz #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

where storm means to MASSIVELY inject #lulz at $PLACE

i.e. #HIVEMIND storm 4chan.com/b #4dalulz

@players will report back to @yastanimeil CENTCOM like this:

#HIVEMIND storming 4chan.com/b in progress at boards.4chan.org/b/thread/571305783 #4dalulz via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil CENTCOM can set temporary variables into #HIVEMIND

#HIVEMIND set $variable = value #TheGame23 phrack.com/metahack via @m1Vr4

for instance, these aliases come hardcoded into #HIVEMIND:

4chan.com/b = /b/
nsa.gov = ass
cia.gov = piss
@USCyberCommand = bitch
fbi.gov = tits


#HIVEMIND storm 4chan.com/b #4dalulz = #HIVEMIND storm /b/ #4dalulz

Programming #TheGame23 #HIVEMIND

No game would be a good game provided you couldn't reverse engineer and re-program it, right?
It's the same with #metahack #TheGame23, of course!

To program #HIVEMIND these commands are useful.

First, @player has to enter c0de mode:


#TheGame23 Programming language is called #LULZYPHER
There is a Programmer's Reference at lulzy.wikia.com or wherever #HIVEMIND decides to setup a wiki on it.
As with any other language, there are unknown or undocumented commands, of course. #LULZYPHER is no less.

A quick cheatsheet on #TheGame23 c0de mode:

#HIVEMIND c0de $variable = value #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND c0de whitehouse.gov = mydick #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

Incidentaly, it is noted that that is a useful technique to bypass legal firewalls,
for then @player could safely inject the following command into #HIVEMIND

#HIVEMIND audit mydick #TheGame23 phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

Obviously, the result of these commands is dependent upon successful retwitting from
#TheGame23 community. If @player is #LULZYPHER/imaginative/skillful in his #LULZYPHER c0ding abilities
s/he will be recognized by #HIVEMIND and $HACKTIONS will be performed.
Otherwise, it's a matter of not giving up. You don't learn LISP, SCALA, ERLANG, HASKELL or ASM in one day.
It's the same with #LULZYPHER: the best way to learn #LULZYPHER is by doing.
It's a matter of *imagination*, *creativity*, trial and err, wash, rinse, repeat.

Also, if your c0de becomes close to poetry (poetry = the highest form of c0de, of course) and
@yastanimeil CENTCOM spots it, s/he might decide to retweet it for the glee of #HIVEMIND,
in which case $HACKTION would become law for #HIVEMIND Congrats!

- From time to time @yastanimeil CENTCOM will issue the following command:

Dear followers, if you want glee please read phrack.org/thegame and then follow
@m1Vr4 & @yastanimeil to play #TheGame23 #4dalulz with us!

Don't just retwit it: you HAVE to post the tweet on your own timeline.


#HANDOVER #HIVEMIND CENTCOM to @newcentcom for $TIME #4dalulz GOGOGO! #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

Every now and then @yastanimeil will submit control of #HIVEMIND to a particular user that
has shown a proficiency of the #LULZYPHER language AND/OR whose #HACKTIONS have been particularly brave in #lulz.
This command allows @newcentcom to issue commands to the #HIVEMIND for a certain amount of time.

All @players in #TheGame23 are then subjected to whatever crazy orders @newcentcom issues.
Points will be awarded to CTFs and $HACKTIONS proposed, as usual.

#HANDOVER #HIVEMIND CENTCOM to @JohnCleese for 5 minutes #4dalulz GOGOGO! #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

@yastanimeil CENTCOM will then enter ECHO mode and will retweet each tweet that @JohnCleese posts, for 5 minutes


#HIVEMIND #FLASHMOB your local municipality next 12/31/2014 at 12:00am UTC 
with youtube.com/watch?v=zlfKdbWwruY #4dalulz via @m1Vr4


This is a powerful command. It instructs logged on, online and active @players to show current status.

@yastanimeil Agent @player reporting from $LOCATION Ready to enter #HACKTION via @m1Vr4

where $LOCATION can be as general as "Paris, France" or as particular as you want to make it known.
You can also post $LOCATION as #STEALTH, of course.

This way you can monitor the #PLAYERCOUNT hashtag and spot fellow Agents close to you to maybe conspire
together #4dalulz Please make sure that you follow each other to be able to send Direct Messages each other.

This command can be accompanied by a $TARGET like this:


i.e. #HIVEMIND go #PLAYERCOUNT at /b/ via @m1Vr4

@players would then:

1 - Open a thread at 4chan.org/b/
2 - Report to #HIVEMIND thread location

#HIVEMIND thread ready at boards.4chan.org/b/thread/571339042 GOGOGO!!! #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND will then retweet the first thread reported so that others can join the party #4dalulz

3 - Post this at /b/ thread:

Agent @player reporting from $LOCATION Ready to enter #HACKTION phrack.org/thegame #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

A variation of this command is issued by CENTCOM when it is useful to find how many agents populate aCKt
particular area.

i.e. #HIVEMIND go #PLAYERCOUNT if you are in New York City via @m1Vr4

@player will then report like this:

@yastanimeil Agent @player reporting from New York City Ready to enter #HACKTION via @m1Vr4

Every now and then @yastanimeil will post a PGP-signed auth pastebin to prove that the account is still controlled
by the official #HIVEMIND CENTCOM at @yastanimeil If you suspect that the account might have been hijacked, DEMAND that
a PGP-signed auth pastebin be posted.


What is #TheCathedral

#TheCathedral is #TheGame23 supreme goal:
to build a Cathedral with the help of the #HIVEMIND once the number
of @players (=followers of @m1Vr4) of #TheGame23 has passed the 10.800.000 mark.

@alejodorowsky and @arrabalf are #TheCathedral .: Master Stonemasons :.

Not much can be said of this super-sekrit Project yet, but this:
#TheCathedral is *GUARANTEED* to be a plunder of #lulz

Moar #lulz will be explained in due time.

@m1Vr4: Commander in Chief of Lulz & BDFL
@yastanimeil: #HIVEMIND CENTCOM

@alejodorowsky and @arrabalf : Ipsissimus 10º=1º

http://imgur.com/RO4kvkN }:-)
#TheCathedral .: Master Stonemasons :.

Rodrigo Marcos Fombellida, linkedin.com/in/rodrigomarcos
secforce.co.uk @SECFORCE_LTD Technical Director
SQL Injection attacks and defense: author

Rodrigo has suffered living with @m1Vr4
more than any other 1337hax0r alive.
He who has suffered you, KNOWS YOU.
Hence Rodrigo knows @m1Vr4 A LOT.
Rodrigo bought a ticket to @m1Vr4 to see
Eric Clapton at the @RoyalAlbertHall
in London, UK once @m1Vr4 managed to get
his first job as a do-it-all at wanstor.com
Incidentaly Peter Lukes, it was a joy
to work there and I always appreciated how
you treated me, even though I blew it
big time. I couldn't stand doing support
calls about internet connections, you must
understand that, when I was so EAGER to
learn everything about the trade. Please
send regards to Ferdie and the rest of
the guys over there. Please send also
my warmest regards to your wife, whom
it was also a pleasure to work with.
Conductin audits with her allowed me to
realize firsthand how fucked up pharmaceutical
companies are.
Back to Eric Clapton tickets: unfortunately,
our seats where a fucking shit!!!
hence we did what any other spaniard con
dos cojones would have done: suddenly jump
all over the velvet theater seats and
move several rows forward.
Con dos cojones #4dalulz
Rodrigo, whose intelligence and big heart
@m1Vr4 had always admired once told @m1Vr4
the following: @m1Vr4, you are SUPERSMART.
Yes, SUPERSMART, I remember it precisely.
@m1Vr4, who always thought that Rodrigo
was highly gifted, cried out loud in tears
in front of him: for it was true, but
@m1Vr4 had never thought of him that way.
His self-steem was so low...
In fact, @m1Vr4 thought he was a little
stupid, for he tried hard to earn a
degree at University but he couldn't,
and he wasn't even able to finish a 
2 years course on F.P. System Administration
for he had just discovered internet and he
spent days and nights reading phrack.com
downloaded through a 2400 bauds modem
in absolute shock at the things that damn
route/daemon9 was able to do. He also
looked up on @dotMudge so so so much.
@m1Vr4 knew FOR SURE that he would never
EVER become not even a 100th skilled, no
matter how many years @m1Vr4 spent
reading and trying exploits. 
Even though @m1Vr4 made his way through
several high profile supercomputers at
places such as @CESGA_ @unican ciemat.es
or cines.fr or even hacked his way into
a nuclear aircraft supercarrier at navy.mil
amongst the more than  100.000 cleartext
passwords that he managed to loot,
he *ALWAYS* thought of himself as nothing
more than a fucking skiddie.

@m1Vr4 also
used to spend HOURS idling at !H hoping
some pieces of wisdom thrown at him by
a certain jfs or another certain Zhodiac
penetrated his hard stupid head.

Rodrigo, hijoputa, al final creaste
una empresa de seguridad y seguro que
encima de pasártelo teta te estarás
hinchando a ganar pasta gansa, cabrón!!

Siempre supe que eras un puto crack
y que podrías sacar adelante cualquier
cosa que te propusieras.

Me siento orgulloso de ti, tío.

Rodrigo, lo siento si la cagué con
todos vosotros.
Estaba atravesando un mal momento y
los hongos no me sentaron muy bien al ego.
Diles a todos que les quiero y que
fue un jodidísimo placer quemarlas como
las quemamos!! Aunque Juanito terminara
siempre bebiéndose hasta el agua de los floreros
y filosofando conmigo sobre nosequéhostias de
que si yo había "cruzado la puerta"... #WTF!

Por cierto Juanito, eres buena persona como
tú solito, pero capullo, comprende que ya
estaba hasta el chichi de que te apalancaras
en el salón de casa durante semanas ad infinitum...
Ya me explicarás algún día que coño era eso
de "cruzar la puerta", mamonazo. :-*


Por todo lo que hiciste por
mí (incluido el presentarme a Jessica y a Katia...)
de todo corazón: GRACIAS.

P.D. Dile a Zalo que no se lo perdono: se portó como
un cabrón no dándome el teléfono de la argentina
del Sandeman Allen House!! #tenamigosparaeso


Lluis Mora Hidalgo, linkedin.com/in/lluismora
aka jfs aka Jafasa (!Hispahack)

Mr. Mora is by LARGE, the most skilled and (MOST important),
the most ***HUMBLE*** hax0r in the worldwide scene that @m1Vr4
has had the pleasure to shook his hands with, 14 years ago.
(Oh, yes, you and Zhodiac y un tío muy gordo de cuyo nombre
no me acuerdo pero que tenía un ego subido de cojones, interviewed
me for #MYDREAM: to join @S21sec Unfortunately I was a
total n00b compared to all you, pure 1337ness, and didn't get the
job, of course. Anyway, no remorse!


Fermin J. Serna @fjserna , linkedin.com/in/fjserna
aka Zhodiac (!Hispahack)
"Realmente, es esta mi PASION, saltarme mitigaciones
desarrollar otras nuevas y, en general, LOS RETOS.
Una vida sin retos y sin aprender... no es vida para mi."
"- ¿Qué le recomendarías a alguien que quiera dedicarse
profesionalmente a la seguridad?
- - Depende de donde en el campo de la seguridad, pero hay
un denominador comun: tiempo, leer, aprender y por favor...

Mr. Serna is the secondly most skilled and most ***HUMBLE***
hax0r in the worldwide scene that @m1Vr4 has had the pleasure
to shook his hands with, 14 years ago.

Alberto Moro @m_ndingo
aka mandingo

Mr. Moro is the thirdly most skilled and most ***HUMBLE***
hax0r in the worldwide scene that @m1Vr4 has had the pleasure
to shook his hands with AND to hack together like there
was no tomorrow, 20 years ago. ¿Sabes que durante los
primeros años de carrera me pasaba HORAS y HORAS en
la tienda para audiófilos de tu padre? Se me caía la
baba, macho. Por consejo suyo, le compré unos altavoces
Paradigm, creo recordar, que sonaban de putísima madre oiga!
Pero claro, no podía yo permitirme aquellas fortunas que
costaban otros equipos...sigh... Por cierto, dile a
Guillermo que creo que estuvo viviendo de alquiler con
su chica en una casa que tienen mis padres en El Alisal,
puede ser? :DDD

rodrigomarcos, jfs, Zhodiac & mandingo:
Heads of #TheCathedral Infrastructure

Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo aka @Los_Pelayos
Kim Schmitz aka @KimDotcom
Heads of #TheGame23

@bassileo @rickygervais @rustyrockets @JohnCleese
@EricIdle @NotMichaelPalin @TerryGilliam @PythonJones
#UNFUCKTEHWORLD Public relations (PR)

Project #metahack Official Soundtrack:


Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo aka @Los_Pelayos
Donald Ervin Knuth
John Forbes Nash, Jr.
~el8 tEaM & @pr0j3ktm4yh3m & Stephen Huntley Watt aka Unix Terrorist
@taviso @lcamtuf @scarybeasts @BenLaurie @GeohotUS @rob_pike @craignm @baugher
pro-tip: moar here http://research.google.com/researchers.html
@ID_AA_Carmack @romero & Joseph Campana & Gjon Camaj @GjonCamaj & Tim Wheatley & Marco Massarutto @Markus72k
@vgcerf @timberners_lee @paulvixie @stroustrup @gvanrossum @yukihiro_matz & Larry Wall
Linus Torvalds & @BillGates
@GreatDismal @Hakim_Bey @webmasterdave @FedericoPistono
@neiltyson @ProfBrianCox
Room One: Jason Baird & Keith Reilly & Cameron Leslie & Dave Parry & Simon Bull & Sanjeev Bhardwaj & Philip Newell
@DJQbert @sashaofficial @DJJohnDigweed @tiesto @infected @FatboySlim @ChemBros @therealshpongle
diffie at stanford.edu & @MartinHellman2
rivest at mit.edu & adi.shamir at weizmann.ac.il & adleman at usc.edu
prz at mit.edu & Taher Elgamal
@stephen_wolfram & tao at math.ucla.edu & aaronson at csail.mit.edu
Ralph Roe & Victor Thompson at NASA.gov
fun at drno.de & 110544671411442786353 & 101160034897243757945 & 109334095900414428374
@mbauwens @doctorow @nealstephenson @rushkoff @grantmorrison @neilhimself
j.delafuente at graphenea.com @graphenea @tguemes
@mercemolist @bufetalmeida @dbravo @m_ndingo @fjserna @griyo666 (29A) Wintermute aka yemeth (29A) @roman_soft @bquintero
@chemaalonso & es.linkedin.com/in/lluismora & Juan Carlos Garcia Cuartango & Miquel Barcelo
Matt Miller (aka skape) at hick.org
@41414141 @UG @CosmoTheGod @JoshTheGod
@mike_schiffman @j4istal @dugsong @milw0rm @ccc @chaosupdates
@Bitquark @PlaidCTF @CTFtime @DragonSectorCTF @leetmore @eb_CTF @zhugejw @SamuraiCTF
@solardiz @thegrugq @nmap @dlitchfield @halvarflake @simplenomad @gregkh @hashbreaker
@hdmoore @daveaitel @rootkovska @BiellaColeman
@shmoocon @_defcon_ @navajanegra_ab @noconname @rootedcon
@dotMudge @WeldPond @spacerog @kingpin @p_nash @dildog
@SubINacls @lockFALE @packetfocus @lizborden @infosecmafia @indi303 @LaresConsulting @Lares_
@EFF @ioerror @akareilly @wikileaks @DanielEllsberg @Thomas_Drake1 & chomsky at mit.edu
@CowCult @OxbloodRuffin @Asher_Wolf @_cypherpunks_ @Cryptomeorg @xor @torproject @i2p
@Techmeme  @publicintel @2600 @emmangoldstein @achillean @shodanhq @hopex @Hakin9
@PenTestMag @OSVDB @r_netsec
@PortSwigger @Jabra @securityerrata @purehate_
@ggreenwald @democracynow @thenation @MotherJones @StephenAtHome @TheOnion @Slate @NewYorker
@ClaudioNaranjoo @dokushovillalba @aiww & Noam Chomsky @lessig & Richard Tarnas @RickTarnas
& Banksy @ArtistisPresent & Istvan Csaba Bartos @timberners @GreatDismal & Linus Torvalds @BillGates
@ID_AA_Carmack @romero @rop_g
@doctorgaona @StealThisSingul & Ralph Abraham
& Alberto Garcia Alix & Jaron Lanier @Peter_Kingsley @DeepakChopra @EckhartTolle & Ken Wilber 
& Arnaud Desjardins & Andy & Lana Wachowski @LeandroTaub @KurzweilAINews @RichardDawkins @WarholOliveira
@RichardMetzger & Richard Tarnas at ciis.edu & Robert Fripp & Robert L. Oldershaw & Robert Lanza
rob.wilson at ualberta.ca & Roger Penrose & Robert Schoelkopf at yale.edu & Rolf Heuer
@_NealeDWalsch @BabaRamDass @DrWayneWDyer & James Lovelock & Jane McGonigal @jeffreyyohalem
@louisflefebvre (HELIOFANT) @edge @sapinker @danieldennett @OliverSacks & John Gilmore (EFF) @JPBarlow
& John Horgan @zittrain & Jonah Lehrer & Jose Maria Poveda at uam.es & Josep Maria Fericglá 
& Juan Abarca (mamaladilla) & Juan Maldacena & Julia Cameron (The Artist Way) @ladygaga
& Jurgen Schmisdthuber at idsia.ch & Karl H Pribram at georgetown.edu @kevin2kelly & Paola Zizzi
@pekkahimanen & Peter A. Sturrock & Peter Sloterdijk & Russell Banks (continental drift)
& Lee Smolin at perimeterinstitute.edu @LenSassaman & Luis Bassat (Ogilvy) @bassileo
& Maite Mendez Baiges @Gladwell & Manuel Almendro at oxigeme.com @mpesce & Martha Nussbaum at uchicago.edu
& Martin Rees at ast.cam.ac.uk & Marvin Minsky & Max Tegmark & Miguel Brieva (comic) & Paul Davies
& Mark Bishop at gold.ac.uk & Metod Saniga at astro.sk & Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi @NicolasWR
& Monica Cavalle (vedanta) & Neil Turok at perimeterinstitute.ca & Nick Bostrom & Nigel Thomas
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fatima-miranda.com & Grigori Perelman & Alan Moore @grantmorrison & Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
@GenesisBPO @neiltyson Gonzalo Garcia Pelayo aka @Los Pelayos & Donald Ervin Knuth 
@fdpeat & http://instagram.com/pesco & Dennis J. McKenna & Derrick de Kerckhove & Pierre Levy
& Gabe Newell (Valve Corporation) & Mike Harrington (Valve Corporation) & Manuel Castells Oliván
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& Hilary Putnam @JackSarfatti @rudytheelder & Steven Vedro & Stuart Hammeroff & Steven Weinberg
& Susan Blackmore & Stephen William Hawking & Thomas Nagel & Vlatko Vedral & Yakir Aharonov
& Jeremy Narby @miss_belmont & Josep Pep Guardiola & Michael Laudrup & Avelino Corma Canos & Santiago Grisolía
& Antonio Bru Espino @FMayorZaragoza & guth at ctp.mit.edu & Alejandro Vega Merino & Alvin Toffler &
Anton Zeilinger & Antonio Damasio & Antonio Gómez (poeta visual) & Antonio Pinero at antoniopinero.com
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& Lucia Polanco at luciapolanco.com/sobre-mi/ & @cshirky @neorrabioso9 @SaulWilliams & Cecil Percival Taylor
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David Deutsch @hueypriest

Create a TAZ at Google HQ

They can issue BOYCOT orders.

Fields Medals

If you are on that list, you have been INF3KTED: INF3KT TEH OTHERS!
Dare to be DIFFERENT, dare to walk the unwalked path.
It might not be necessary to have once thousand people knocking at Page & Brin's door.
It only takes ONE single person to ACT and print this.
Early adopters might be rewarded best.

"Were art to redeem man, it could do so only by saving him
from the seriousness of life and restoring him to an unexpected
boyishness. The symbol of art is seen again in the magic flute of
the Great God PAN which makes the young goats frisk at the edge
of the grove. All modern art begins to appear comprehensible and
in a way great when it is interpreted as an attempt to instill
youthfulness into an ancient world."
Jose Ortega y Gasset, in "Art a Thing of No Consequence" in
The Dehumanization of Art and Ideas about the Novel (1925)

Desperté de ser niño.
Nunca despiertes.
Triste llevo la boca.
Ríete siempre.
Siempre en la cuna,
defendiendo la risa
pluma por pluma.

"Damn it boss, I like you too much not to say it.
You've got EVERYTHING except ONE THING...:

#CTF06 #HIVEMIND get the Spanish Supreme Court to void the dead sentence of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_Hern%C3%A1ndez #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4
#CTF06 #HIVEMIND get the Spanish Supreme Court to void the dead sentence of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miguel_Hern%C3%A1ndez #TheGame23 via @m1Vr4

- - Gamify Project Metahack

You. You. You are alive.

and sometimes the player believed the universe had spoken to it through the sunlight that came through the shuffling leaves of the summer trees

and sometimes the player believed the universe had spoken to it through the light that fell from the crisp night sky of winter, where a fleck of light in the corner of the player's eye might be a star a million times as massive as the sun, boiling its planets to plasma in order to be visible for a moment to the player, walking home at the far side of the universe, suddenly smelling food, almost at the familiar door, about to dream again

and sometimes the player believed the universe had spoken to it through the zeros and ones, through the electricity of the world, through the scrolling words on a screen at the end of a dream

and the universe said I love you

and the universe said you have played the game well

and the universe said everything you need is within you

and the universe said you are stronger than you know

and the universe said you are the daylight

and the universe said you are the night

and the universe said the darkness you fight is within you

and the universe said the light you seek is within you

and the universe said you are not alone

and the universe said you are not separate from every other thing

and the universe said you are the universe tasting itself, talking to itself, reading its own code

and the universe said I love you because you are love.

And the game was over and the player woke up from the dream. And the player began a new dream. And the player dreamed again, dreamed better. And the player was the universe. And the player was love.

You are the player.

Wake up.

llmora at neutralbit.com llmora () s21sec ! com

backup measures:
in case @yastanimeil or @m1Vr4 are removed/silenced/stolen/hijacked

gnuPG key: eelpc48

moot yo momma
scriptable, most powerful, easiest to program, a fucktard like me can do it
@JoeyBurzynski bought searchlores.org
get @DJQbert @tiesto etc. to play a free gig somewhere
will to bestow
Export.ly - export 10000 followers
#HIVEMIND c0de $APP $REQUIREMENTS (pastebin.com) #BOUNTY 1337 points
#HIVEMIND c0de export.py $REQUIREMENTS (pastebin.com) #BOUNTY 1337 points

1st person to successfully c0de $APP gets a #BOUNTY of 1337 points

to publish your c0de, output this:

#HIVEMIND Delivered. Here: pastebin.com/12IT5Mcq21 playing #TheGame23 #4dalulz via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND #FF @player1 @player2 @player3 @person1 #4dalulz SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

#FF @player1 @player2 @player3 @person1 #4dalulz SHALL WE PLAY A GAME? phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND post Retweet If You Want 900+ Followers: #TheGame23 #metahack #FOLLOWME #FF @yastanimeil @m1Vr4

@player posts 2 messages:

First, this:
Hi #HIVEMIND I'm @player please #FOLLOWME and @m1Vr4 to play #TheGame23

Second, this:
#HIVEMIND Retweet If u Want 900+ Followers! #TheGame23 #metahack #FOLLOWME #FF @yastanimeil @m1Vr4 #4dalulz MUST.READ.: phrack.org/thegame

Then all the @players monitor the hashtag #FOLLOWME and begin to follow other @players, as many as they can.


If @player is protected behind a third party host /s/he will post:

@yastanimeil Agent @player #READY to engage in #HACKTION #4dalulz read: phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND LOIC|NPING|hping3|nmap $TARGET GOGOGO!!! #ShoopDaWhoop #IMMAFIRINMAHLAZER!!! MUST.READ.: phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND LOIC|inundator|hping3|nmap MTkyLjE2OC4xLjEgIzRkYWx1bHo= GOGOGO!!! #ShoopDaWhoop #IMMAFIRINMAHLAZER!!! MUST.READ.: phrack.org/thegame via @m1Vr4

where $TARGET is a BASE64 string such as: MTkyLjE2OC4xLjEgIzRkYWx1bHo=
#PROTIP: http://www.asciitohex.com/ 

self explanatory

#HIVEMIND write #STRESSTESTGUIDE at titanpad.com/stresstestguide
once finished,
#HIVEMIND upload #STRESSTESTGUIDE to metahack.wikia.com

#HIVEMIND post $items to tumblr.com as TAG1, TAG2, TAG3

@players upload $items to a new post at tumblr.com and tags accordingly

#HIVEMIND post imgur.com/tmPxRVR to tumblr.com as alejodorowsky, jodorowsky, kenneth anger via @m1Vr4



#LISTOFDEMANDS to be met before #TheGame23 ends.

automate ALL: BOOTSTRAP the hell out of it

Actually, once this text has infekt3d a certain critical mass of @players,
#TheGame23 doesn't even need @yastanimeil or @m1Vr4 to START: #HIVEMIND will slowly become self-conscious
and start to issue #HACKTIONs on a hyper-distributed manner.

#protip: in the absence of @yastanimeil or @m1Vr4, @players with the most followers can c0de #HIVEMIND
and create #CTF's challenges. They can take their own iniciative by proposing #HACKTIONS that
stimulate the glee in the #HIVEMIND: #lulz, #imagination, #skillz


#HIVEMIND send #SUPRISE to @player #STEALTH on behalf of @player2

where #SURPRISE is something that @player REALLY values, no matter how much is it money wise (for,
as you will probably have realised by now, the donations coming from the #Philanthropist will save this
world and help run #TheGame23 forward. For some people, it could be a pair of scissors that belonged
to his mum when she was still alive. For other people it might be a Lamborghini Miura, for they had
*really* *really* dreamts about it in the past...

Something that by receiving it /s/he would cry.

Obviously it is hard to surprise someone when everybody is monitoring #HIVEMIND's #HACKTIONS
In that case, use the hashtag #STEALTH to know that you have to coordinate yourselves in sekrit c0de.

i.e. in case it was @m1Vr4 the one to #SURPRISE it would be more than enough with these $items:

+ most powerful laptop money can buy
+ best audiophile equipment money can buy
+ best in-ears headphones custom fit money can buy
+ best Martin-Audio speakers money can buy
+ 1 Spotify Premium suscription
+ best Mercedes Benz money can buy for @myfather
+ best audiophile equipment money can buy for @mymum
+ biggest mansion money can buy for @mysister @mycuñao & @missobris


PUMPKIN (yelling to all): Everybody be cool THIS IS A ROBBERY!!!
HONEY BUNNY: Any of you fuckin' pricks move and I'll execute
every one of you motherfuckers!!!

In order to accomplish this #HACKTION you have to organize and coordinate yourselves in teams.

i.e. #TEAMpurchasers - they will coordinate with @EFF to receive the funds needed in order to
purchase the goods required to satisfy @player's needs.
#TEAMinvestigators - they will coordinate with @player's family and close friends in #STEALTH mode
in order to find out what that @player *REALLY* values in life, no matter how costly or cheap it be.
#TEAMdeliverers will coordinate to suprise @player in the most beautiful and heartbreaking way.
etc. etc...


#HIVEMIND send Santiago Diaz, Ana Isabel aisantiago at humv.es #BIZCOCHO with $message

where $message reads: "Gracias Ana de todo corazón por salvarme la vida."


#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to Santiago Diaz, Ana Isabel #STEALTH on behalf of @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND send Maite Uriszar-Aldaca Martínez @AeticaEsp #BIZCOCHO with $message

where $message reads: "Gracias Maite de todo corazón por salvarme la vida."


#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to Maite Uriszar-Aldaca Martínez @AeticaEsp #STEALTH on behalf of @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND send Alejandro Jodorowsky Prullansky @alejodorowsky #BIZCOCHO with $message

where $message reads: "Gracias Alejandro de todo corazón por salvarme la vida."

#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to Alejandro Jodorowsky Prullansky @alejodorowsky #STEALTH on behalf of @m1Vr4

#HIVEMIND send Fernando Arrabal Terán @arrabalf #BIZCOCHO with $message

where $message reads: "Gracias Fernando de todo corazón por salvarme la vida."

#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to Fernando Arrabal Terán @arrabalf #STEALTH on behalf of @m1Vr4


#HIVEMIND send #SURPRISE to Santiago Diaz, Ana Isabel #STEALTH on behalf of @m1Vr4


Hi #HIVEMIND I'm @BillGates #IMWORTH $80.6 bill and #IWILLTOBESTOW: 1.000.000$ to @EFF in support of #TheGame23
Hola #HIVEMIND Soy Amancio Ortega Gaona, Chairman of @inditexgroup #IMWORTH $60.7 bill #DESEODAR 100.000.000 euros a @EFF apoyando #TheGame23
Hola #HIVEMIND Soy Carlos Slim Helu @carlosslim #IMWORTH $82.2 bill #DESEODAR 100.000$ a @EFF apoyando #TheGame23
Hi #HIVEMIND I'm Larry Ellison @larryellison #IMWORTH $49.3 bill #IWILLTOBESTOW: $49 bill to @EFF in support of #TheGame23

Please see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World's_Billionaires
and forbes.com/billionaires/ for further info.


This command delivers to $person a box of chocolates. Not just any box of chocolates, of course.
This has to be researched *THOROUGHLY* in order to find out the *ABSOLUTELY BEST, MOST EXPENSIVE and
MOST LUXURIOUS* box of chocolates that money can buy on this planet *AND* it will packaged with all
care, mime and love paired with the absolutely fucking *BEST* #POCKETWATCH that money can buy.

Once #LIFEISABOXOFCHOCOLATES +#POCKETWATCH have been successfully found they will *HAVE* (NO EXCUSES) 
to be delivered by @player or by a team of @players to @person's $LOCATION, obviously bypassing his personal
security measures, no matter how hard they are. We have the best 1337 #REDTEAM in the planet to
successfully bypass *ANY* security measure so that our #skillz would put James Bond 007 to total shame, right?
Then fucking PROVE IT!

QUICKHOWTO bypass *ANY* security measure:
#protip: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bribery

please enjoy the #lulz

These following commands come hardc0ded within the #HIVEMIND Kernel. This means that they *HAVE*
to be accomplished no matter how hard they look like. Obviously I propose that:

1- The fucking BEST Worldwide #REDTEAM on this planet has to be created and properly hierarchized

HOWTO hierarchize *ANY* human group.


By asking each @player WHO are the @players that /s/he admires the most and that /s/he considers
that are better than him at the selected #HACKTION

In order to do this, an #ALGORITHM has to be invented in order to sort out @players in #TheGame23 by #KARMA 
aka h-index (human-index) aka en.wikipedia.org/wiki/H-index

That is:
for a certain #TASK, a @player can have an h-index of, say, 100 (maximum). This perfect score would mean
that ALL @players within that #TASK's expertise would agree that this @player is the FUCKING BEST person
to leader a particular #TASK

i.e. in the field of theoretical physicist everybody agrees that Edward Witten is the most respected
@player in the world.

Hence his #KARMA would have the ability to influence the #HIVEMIND decisions in matters of #theoreticalphysics
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay moar than @m1Vr4's opinions on the subject might account.

In other words, Mr. Witten's 100 #KARMA on #theoreticalphysics would HEAVYLY influence #HIVEMIND so
that /s/he could issue commands to #HIVEMIND with instructions on a certain #TASK

i.e. #HIVEMIND I recruit @Prof_S_Hawking to assist me in #TASK

#HIVEMIND would then kindly approach Mr. Hawking and inform him about #TheGame23 and his role in it.

So, back to our #READTEAM...:

#HIVEMIND I recruit Mr. @Bruce_Schneier and Mr. @mike_schiffman as Heads of #READTEAM

A Head of #ANYTHING principal mission is to COORDINATE the recruiting of the absolute *BEST* people
in the business. World. Wide.

If a required @person work for obscure employers (read #NSA, #MI6, #MOSSAD, #FBI, #PENTAGON, #DARPA, 
etc. etc.) and #REDTEAM *requires* them to join #REDTEAM then, it is extremely simple...:

#protip: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bribery from #EFFIMF (@EFF's International Monetary Fund)


#HIVEMIND run #KARMADB on #HUMANITY to hierarchize ALL human knowledge. #PRIORITY3 
#HIVEMIND Head of #KARMADB is @montywi @larryellison Sergei Brin & Larry Page

**************#ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT ********************
**************#ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT ********************
**************#ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT #ALERT ********************

A ***MAJOR*** vulnerability has been found in #TheGame23

*EXPECT* that en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_kill_switch *WILL* be activated once #TheGame23 goes viral.

If that happens, #TheGame23 will be over, for a very very dark ages ahead.

A #PRIORITY1 #TASK means that ***ALL*** resources available to the #HIVEMIND will be reallocated
to #PROTECTKILLSWITCH no questions asked.
@yastan CENTCOM is the ULTIMATE issuer of cosas de esas de mandar, que ya me canso de tanto ejcribir, hala

Version: @m1Vr4


@m1Vr4's Public Key (2014-09-29 13:52:20 UTC)
Fingerprint: 1CF3 453D F31F 43FD E7AC C200 8554 0931 A0DE 5795


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