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Hello. My name is Silke F. The question arises as to which statements are justified by mental action and the question also arises when reasoned mental statements are justified. Justified behavior is never automatically excused behavior. The symptoms of truth, however, know no excuses but work through the harmonious incorporation into reality. The discordant consciousness and the harmonious consciousness can under certain circumstances represent the double dichotomy of psychology that the human being can use or abuse, but both are able to hinder him in his development or be beneficial to him. To me, a person with a harmonious body feeling seems like someone with a sensual certainty and without his sensual certainty, he would not be able to manifest a harmonious body feeling through the frequency of his consciousness in such a configuration of vibration.

People talk a lot about the vibration of consciousness these days but they often don’t even know where this consciousness is located and in reality every cell of the body is an oscillator that generates vibration. But you can also look at it the other way around and say that the Vibration first creates the cells and in my opinion both views are correct because reality is structured like a parallel world and there must be also some kind of inverted external world that has a different relation to the physical mechanism, than the matter with which the human body works, because there is also a complete negative scale of vibration and it goes into the minus areas that are outside of the functional range that the cells of the body are able to use within the reality field that the human quantum mechanics portray.

At this point the genetic realms mix with the atomic realms possible within the frequency vibration and as I continue to write, it all mixes with the subject of bizarre quantum physics. When you start looking at the world as a mechanism, you realize how automatically it has actually been going on for millions of years. In plain language, this means that man is an automaton who was created by the nature of frequency and therefore man’s will is never free but pre-programmed and he can only distinguish between yes and no because man is not suitable for more. This may all sound very negative at first, but it is very close to the truth. That is exactly what can be observed on historical level. Quantum mechanics is actually a very boring subject and it’s not very smart when science takes this thinking model as an explanation of the world.

It seems to me that the world already exists “before” you perceive it and the mind just seems to be reading the world backwards so the body can then look at it forwards and that would explain the split between mind and body perfectly, because the mind seems to have more knowledge than the body but both function in this mechanism as an evolutionary automatism in which there is no room for free will and therefore, in my opinion, there is no so-called evil because man has no capacity for good anyway if he does not have free will. Human beings are something like frequency carriers or containers for vibrations and therefore each human being has their fixed position and place in the world and therefore there is no longer room for the free will of vibration and if vibration could change their minds, then they would vibrate up or down, but with that it would also change its quantum position in the world and with that the world would behave very differently, because the world is always changing so that it behaves like a mirror to a person’s vibration.

My thousands of channelings have already answered these questions but I don’t trust my own channelings. The inverted consciousness of the human species could just as well be simulated, while the automated consciousness of the human species does not have to be simulated because it could allow the options “Yes” and “No” and thus creates free will as a linear mechanism and thus deprives humans of the possibility to set up the rules of a free will. I believe that is the true drama of matter. The tragedy isn’t that you “don’t” have something, “you have something”, but you can’t control it and thats like sitting in a car and the car decides where it’s going and it seems to me that human evolution is something similar. Non linear free will and linear free will are not the same.


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