Attack the Cult of the Individual – Stewart Home, The Individual


We are the White Colours, Slaves Of Freedom, Second Coming, Babes On Acid, Flame Thrower Boys, Hip Troop, Jack Off Club, Flat Cap Conspiracy.


We refuse to be limited to one name. We are all names and all things. We encourage other pop ensembles to use these names. We want to see a thousand ensembles with the same name. No one owns names. They exist for all to use. Names like all words are arbitrary.

We attack the cult of the individual, the selfists, the attempts to appropriate names and words for exclusive use. We reject the notion of copyright. Take what you can use.

We reject the notion of genius. Artists are the same as everyone else. Individuality is the last and most dangerous myth of the West.

We assert that all art is propaganda. As part of the superstructure it reflects the base.

We affirm that contradiction is the basis of all thought.

We affirm that plagiarism is the truly modern artistic method. Plagiarism is the artistic crime against property. It is theft and in Western Society theft is a political act.

We want everyone to use our names. Use these names because they are yours. These names do not belong to anyone. Become the White Colours, Slave Of Freedom, Second Coming etc.

The conspiracy cannot be evaded, all must be absorbed. We exist only by implication. We combat the plague of innovation.

We seek enlightenment through confusion.

We work miracles in audacity.

We will be prosaic. Our meanings will be plain. We will not hint at some beyond. The beyond is the creation of people who lack the ability to give a full embodiment to the real.

We affirm that we are content just to go through the motions.

Twentieth century man is a historical animal. We seek to make twenty-first century man ahistorical. We will live in the present time. Past and future exist only by implication. We will get out of time by switching to right brain modes.

We will strive towards nothing because nothing is the truly stable state.


Stewart Home, October 1982 (8th Manifesto of the Generation Positive).


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