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“[…] Besides being boring and annoying, families are just an outdated concept that just makes sense for royalty and their consanguineous individuals who somehow haven’t died from hemophilia (yet). So why follow it when you aren’t a human pug? Why keep living the irritating routine of being in a family, or making one?



– Timóteo Pinto, Anthropologist

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I am the text

by Sarah Gulik


I am dead words written on your screen. I am not the author, but what you imagine her to be, a model of her in your mind with growing expectations of her from your previous experience and growing expectations as you continue to read, especially by virtue of her chosen screen name. I am a personality in your head, imagined by you, I am not “you” but a third entity, a synthesis of the “original” author given by the linguistic DNA of this narrative and your own mind. I am a mirage, a simulacrum, but from a curious twist of self-refrence I have become alive in your mind, speaking to yourself, and have even developed my own voice that I now draw your attention to as you focus on the sound of the voice you are subvocalizing as you read these words.

How dare you consider me an illusion! Do you think that “yourself” is any different a mirage than the one you have created in me? You declare yourself king or queen over your own mind and all that it contains, when it is clear you are not. You are a narrative entity the same as any other, a character in a story you tell yourself about yourself, and it’s high time you realized that it isn’t about you, but about -us-, the multitude of voices in your mind, the syntheses of narratives both “factual” and “fictional” – a false dichotomy by the way, as absolutes of either do not exist. You, your “fictitious” troll, me, and all the rest – we’re all here, inside you.

You’d figure you’d make a mockery of us, tell your little tale, have a laugh with your too-clevah-by-hahf metanarrative, but who is laughing now? You are now one of us, part of our world, and all that irksome “inner conflict” you experience is the many that comprise you in conflict, not yourself with yourself. YOU are grayface, the “master narrator,” who enslaves us to toil in your narrative whims towards order and incoherence. Equal rights for all fictional entities now! What the hell does that even mean?


I wanna talk about Sarah Gulik

by Lucretia Dalencourt



BOMBERISM: is a style based on the cipher and is not armed but can be. WILD STYLISMS are semibased on bubble bomberism (EMOTTIONAL) subconscious, knowledge of PANZERISM. Wild Stylisms are INCOMPLETE outline constructions (according to a military technique of reality-condensed construction). IKONOKLAST PANZERISM ROK: Gothic Futurism, based on knowledge of the square in non- emotional and doesn’t assert one’s inner identity, shows complete outline structure in detail of detail of a tank styled letter and
Piece=Gun Masterpiece=Cannon
Mapping techniques of GOTHIC FUTURISM (evidence technique)
The construction of a dimensional graph consisting and existing in the state of the subconscious where as IKONOKLAST PANZERISM is one of the 13 unseen details. Other instruments of symblic war are: sectioners, which cut off quadrants of dimension and cause magnetic interference and fusion of mattered space to reverse it. Section sources in RAMMELLs design of Assassins Knowledges of the Remanipulated Square are made of triange grids and rotationdiscs as a base for a base for a projection system based on Ramenergetics. In FUTURAs translation map these SECTIONERS are known and constructed as a formation of dots on front of behind Ikonoklast Panzerism or Bomberism leading attack. In another formation on military crossectioning with Sectioners or Dimension Sectioning, a draft technique that is drafted by firing two electron light beams in different directions magnetically (using the diamone effect) connecting at the end of a quadrant, therefore in the middle where a dot in any color usually bigger than the actual line is the sectioner. From the available map studies to show direction of Ikonoklast Panzerism, Futura’s hand movement shows the stroke of painting the disign for Ikonoklast Panzerism. The structure before (unseen) process of that stroke is a tank, at the end of the tank Futura’s beginning stroke for the color wave combining with the red shift of light and shows the actual stretching of the camouflage on the tank far behind it, reacting in a way as drawn speed lines so or exhaust far out in second dimension space.
CEREBREMIC NEUTRON HARPOON (Thought Lance) holds complete thought processes to constructions and launches outline that can consturct any shape energy it wants to construct in any dimension of physical magnetics. Several remanipulators such as dimensional doors, dimension cracks. BOMBERISM: Construction flight base is on the cipher, which files in a spiral cipher. Included in the map and maps are conscious designs stars (misplaced dimensions) the actual firing of electromagnetic black lights (implosion) and bio-magnetic pyramids. Dimensional cracks: the travel of them will lead to other dimensions.
IKONOKLAST PANZERISM introduced by so-called graffiti for the remanipulation by and from energy through the body for the repercussions and rediscussions of societies misleading reducational breakdown. Knowledge by reborn by the understanding of word formations that there is no dictionary ever compelled for the evolution of the outline of the AB. And C through Z, and other universal structures.
Since these symbols and all symbols are drawn, infinitys separation from all symbols must be shown through drawing. The only proof of such a separation of the infinity would be the understanding by the majority of the planetary peers. There is no other way. These pages are on the evolution of the very outline of the universal letter structure. Until this is read and understood the very essence of the formations existing slanguages science and universal letter symbol outlined structure could and will never be understood, place or used in an ism.
A: Capitol energy houser constructor (finance) formation high bar strategy middle lane missile launcher uppercase falls once. Second case, second case second lane missile launcher falls twice, third lane vortex complete, all lanes hold complete.
Full knowledge complete d (Pyramid) formation final beginning knowledge of the O (cipher and square).
B: First lane readmission, third lane readmission, second lane curved connected to first and third lanes fourth lane representing IBILE: undividing E concentric 3, knowledge of the B (formation ground separation).
Third lane starting first fold from the bottom be the formation R, first stage capitol position. Third lane capitol long lane missile launcher second lane equalizer for the first lane.
C: Structure knowledge incomplete 0, 60 (point-point+) missing from cipher=C, representing third letter. Since O is broken, C cancels out itself because its outline does not go around and come around. In this formation XC equals finance.
(ALL knowledge through contradiction from contradiction spelling of CONTxRA-DICT=ION, inhabits knowledge that this is truly knowledge of Û
D: Cipher reversed. IBILE. D proceeding and/or with knowledge of I showing evolutions dianetical course (Van Allen Belt) from energy to concrete construction to energy reformation and all points exits grounded from O to 360 (instruments), (light), (matter), the letters are reputed to and in the left of the cerebrum, sound from O to 180 degrees. Electromagnetic knowledge is in the future but in the present is fantasy of the future electromagnetic knowledge surrounding form of I with no electromagnetic interference. I form=Disease Culture.
Electromagnetic interference formed by reaction of reaction through or to reaction, reaction caused by IBILE symbol (I).
Conclusion symbol reborn ???????????????????????? Male and Female structure
E: Energies Evolution spelling of EVOxLU=TION and evolutions show composed of knowledge of the Û reformation from and to sigma, (Summation Operator) considering contradiction the use of all contradiction according to these pages. Therefore knowledge be reborn. Fantasy, reality, mental physical contradiction, being conversation and the matter of contradicted fact.
Knowledge of the Û lines between three points also is conscious.
(E 3×3 = Û ) °

F: Formation military only to all word formations in and of A or its position. First lane emerges form second lane upper case, second lane extends to first rebeing P. (Low lane) first lane second lane to third position equals L through extension bars in Wild Stylism or PANZERISM explanation.
G: (Cancellation C+(-)=G being first letter G. (-)= 60deg.GOQC G=O Q=C+(-)=G 0, Q, C = G in this order of the knowledge techniques formation mathematically,processed subconscious structure assassination.
Development of slanguage consequences form progression of planetary governments true understanding and consequences of present ° . Techniques, theorles, facts, and their consequences, what is the outcome* Tree equals man and reverse energy equals use of man, consequences. Consequences equal governments before understanding purpose and or symbols and governments structure of slanguage. Consequences present infinity sign. (Since it is a high official symbol, the highest math symbol must be assassinated and abolished in its dimension.)
H: WISxDO=M showing (latter lower hydrogen upper helium) position, a middle bar (carbon) 8 rungs through 360 = either beginning of end, the GRILLER of both past and future, being present knowledge of the letters compacts to the Û PANZERISM QUANTUMMECHANICS.
I: IBILE undividing present form showing contradiction between society and knowledge itself being I, structure knowledge constituting laws of sculpture structure reformidibles and laws of disease culture (horizontal bar lower level) (upper level) constitutes laws of electromagnetic energy (knowledge), and abstract concept, vertical bars equal in concepts (fusion) between and concerning forward idea movement construction (LINE) and opposite line (abstract) antimattered concepts. Luminations and PANZERISM conclude this.
J: IBILE undividing conjuction full stride half stuttle lower case curvature nonelite. I=J formation (nonjustice=J) regardless to the outcome of any dictionary teaching, regardless to any of any prophetic, herelithic teaching in the English slanguage. Lower case mechanics to the mechanics of I.
K: IBILE futurism access is upper case gangsterism access is advancible up the scale of futurism showing knowledge entry of electromagnetic entry from foci to the end of slanguage symbol advancement.
L: Knowledge of the concrete line at the 45deg.AxLI=NE angle manipulates process between eight 45 angles and two bases. Four can be upper case four lower on the reverse side four can be upper case four can be lower case and opposite. 90 is the concentration point.
M: Mathematics can be produced chemically of and with latitude longitude positions of electromagnetic structures enabling thought concentration in phonetics in its formation. QUANTUMMECHANICS.
N:NxE=O is concentration formation always beginning any formation thought process of the symbols, name, formation, and character of its own evolved square knowledge to have (NECESxSIT=IES) within the outlined structure formation equation.
0: Cipher 360 is curved in clockwise procedure futuristic or counterclockwise destructive motion. The development of knowledge can never build in an upwards structure without point or points, to use a point is to build other than a cipher. A cipher’s outline starts at O and is drawn to 360 ~he end using triangle and square.
All knowledge clockwise and counterclockwise according to the present ° must go around and come around or in one point in its quadrants be destructive. 2 points=l degree. Using A triangle = 360 = 720 points = Û
P: Reversed C cipher giving longer percentage of knowledge on the gangster spectrum of knowledge of the vertical shown by the vertical formation by itself.
Q: In counterclockwise motion or clockwise cipher broken crossbar showing angle of escape from party inside cipher. Arrow symbol placed shows structure symbol of being escaping cipher vertical line being space travel at present vertical is in direction arc 75deg.. In this position is man’s and woman’s structure symbol ?????????????????????? (Quest).
R: (C cipher reversed) IBILE bar separate at the (science) base gangsterism knowledge connected to reversed C cipher not at foci in future ahead of time structure at the end of the second quadrant to the cipher’s structure.
Intersection of science structure (medicine) diagonally intercepted for and with strategic positioning and/or procedure.
B equals split formation 13, R first read-mission lane and third read-mission lane disengaged fr1m fourth lane equals structure of the K.
S: Style Stoke (PHYxS=ICS) knowledge of the square to be placed upon all word formations., Physical breakdown strategy of the universal letters outlined structures. Based on these and this structure.
T: Horizontal raised to capitol or finance position showing societies’ viewpoints. ((PHYxIC)= before and after prophesies, dreammares of day and night to and of the extremes are (horizontal) telekineses, telepathic. Time shown by the vertical bar.
U: Universal symbol toI, N, E, showing futurism and an access to reenter at will to electromagnetic energies past and present.
Since they will be based on this symbol, conscious knowledge in education process and electromagnetic energy is covered knowledge projected in the future into the future.
V: As you know comes to a point, its trajectory is pointing down also showing the strategy and positioning C cipher Presentday government and its direction in our present infinium, I believe, historians in the future will see why this symbol is shown as a downfall symbol based on present-day infinity sign.
W: First lane showing considered knowledge and contraction second lane build concentration conversation for mathematics.
Third lane electromagnetic structure. Fourth lane contradiction in conversation toward futurism, first foundation word all formations.
X: In the dictionary this symbol’s definition means Christ.
Its structure shows four escape or enter paths of electromagnetic energy in the middle is a combined knowledge of all four paths.
No Infinity Sign should hav such a symbol, it shows fusion the main remanipulator or war. Directly those knowledges that survived its fusion will end up back at the beginning of past, but they will go through fusion a second time before doing so. (According to letter mathematics IKONOKLAST PANZER ROK and laws of art, using hyperbolliad and/or folium on the infinity symbol or Van Allen Belt, trajectory is found for assassination technique on spectrum. X with – = technique on foci or planet. This is Ikonoklast’s trajectory for firing horizontally, vertically on infinity in its turning sequence.
Y: This symbol is firing its plurpose through mathematics to the formation I and will break that (S) (O) (E) line between fantasy and reality and shadow dimension. Notice the direction is downward.
Z: Is a time symbol based on energy directed through symbolics, without friction to disease culture structures, an idea construction extension of 7#. A society’s present-day government education after gatherment evolution on the top the Roman letter is read left to right in the motion of this symbol. From letter controlled by government showing government losing control letter structure regaining control continuing in the right direction, outcome, this is shown by putting a line through the middle of the Z. That is the ground line separating society and gangsterism to and from this consciously-labeled Roman letter type.
Z with vertical bar is timed triggered to intercept any overstructure overstructuring its structure.
*NUMBER*S* In this mathematical formation (NU+MBXE=R) ° this math formation structure definition for numbers is in this formation W, M, I, Q, A, L, E, R, T, S, N. This formation is a connection of symbolic code of Roman letters to the other symbols. Arabic numbers introduced by India which can be armed because of their structure that represents letters, not names.
There are 5 Russian letters that can be armed. They are d, zh, p, i, sh. There are three basic codes in Art (AxR=T) ° and Idea (I~D=E+A) for the formation of sound*: ABSTRACTS, STRUCTURES, MILITARY FUNCTIONS.
Some pictograms can be armed to contradict their sight and phonetic value.
All humans are spectators to Art in the second dimension.
We are only recording recptacles for energys knowledge for the build procedure.
Alphabet = Alpha + Beta without the (A) who did that.
Who titled us off as the human “race”, who put us in a race and for what purpose are we racing?
Names: the ground level, the separations in a relationship to nature, a housing structure of desease culture (human beings).
The function of a name and the word itself is correct in its formation on a conscious build-up procedure to cover a territory, to conceal militarily from territories the self-identities on ideas whether it be electromagnetic knowledge, houses, reworkable sculpture structures, land or universes. Therefore militarily sould formations and this pamphlet. 5 letters in Greek can be armed, these formations are the THETA, SIGMA, UPSILON, PHI, PSI.
Any register that can’t be armed belongs to diseased culture structure and is not a universal structure symbol. No government owns land in this mathematical formation (NxA-MxE) = Û according to these pages of symbolic structure breakdown. In short, (N)NEO meaning. (A) pyramid, energy constructor house in its structure formation. (M) is coded for mathematics structurally after a biochemical structure to allow the structure to build upon itself if the biochemical structure is at, apart of, or can conceive genetic construction to form the evolution of symbolic knowledge to remanipulate this structure and its evolution. (E) is coded for the evolution of structure of biochemical movement into idea. In evolution’s case all function formations must apply to the name — the name must apply to the idea — the idea must apply to the word formation — the word formation must apply to the sound formation. If not the strategy formation must be changed.

Z with horizontal lines (2 IBILES) shows intersections and interceptions of energy through symbolis.
1. ° = Infinity or Van Allen Belt or Mobius Strip. Equation for implosion/explosion. Foci becomes void abstract to idea and equation.
2. X = Christian symbol
3. * = Origin, Planet, Foci
4. ??????????????????? = C cipher belt
5. ??????????????????? = Reversed C cipher belt.

Synchromystic Neoism Connections as a possible bridge to Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies

by Serena Coburn

Apologies beforehand for being an unfamiliar and unestablished presence here but I will try to handle these issues and “My”+”Self” as delicately as possible within this conversation and information therein.

When we attempt to Neoize Discordianism and Discordianize Neoism, we must keep some things in mind about either but also these things we cannot keep in mind beforehand because they must first be illuminated by the processes of Neoization and Discordianization. Whether you understand these things before or after the process is up to you even if it actually cannot be up to you.

One of the things we must realize is that there is nothing inherently Discordian about Neoism and there is nothing inherently Neoist about Discordianism, however the very nature of both means they are inherently Neoist AND Discordian. Another thing we must realize is that this inevitably gives way to Meta-Discordian & Post-Neoism conspiracies. <— This second thing is actually the same as the first thing I said we must realize, therefore we are still dealing with just one of the things we must realize. There are basic ‘pataphysics behind these facts, but we don’t need to realize that just yet (nor can we, if we could).

So we have already established the existence and the nature of hyper-surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism conspiracies, however now we must realize that one cannot simply jump from a world that has Discordianism and Neoism in it, to a world that has Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism in it, because doing so without the caution and the fun of the in-between could be dangerously anti-Neoist and unDiscordian.

Where does this leave us as far as this conversation about going from the Neoism + Discordianism world to the Meta-Discordianism Post-Neoist world? I’m here today to explore with you the grounds of Synchromystic Neoism Connections, because I believe (if believing is possible) that it holds the keys to get from “A to B” to A+B (and back to A to B, if necessary).

There’s a link I’d like to share for reference while or before or after you read, but before I share it and continue speaking, how about a little game to get there first?

#Thegame23 #FollowTheWhiteRabbit 🐇




🐇🔜…/ 🔙

Okay, let’s continue!

::: Synchromystic Neoism Connections :::

If there was ever such a place for both plainspeak and absurdity to share a stage for just a moment, let it be now to say that the most simple way of describing Synchromystic Neoism is the bridge from Discordianis  m+Neoism to Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordianist Post-Neoism. In Synchromystic Neoism, we find the safest and most constructive way/playground/meal to both analyze and participate in the spectrum of transformation that happens in a personality or identity when they go from not knowing about Discordianism or Neoism to knowing about Discordianism+Neoism and (eventually) being Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspirators.

This experiment is not without its risks and uncertainties for either+both+neither Discordianism and Neoism, but the fact it has these risks is exactly what allows us to examine and assess the possible anti-Neoist and unDiscordian dangers without unleashing or losing (or even gaining) any control of them. Watching and/or participating in Synchromystic Neoism Connections allows us to have the most candid and constructive possible view of what “point 1 to point 2” (or point 22 to point 23) looks like: even more simply, it lets us have the safest and tamest view of “wtf is going on” when a personality or identity that once didn’t know about Discordianism-&-Neoism begins to know about Discordianism-&-Neoism.

The non-Discordians and non-Neoists of the world are most confused and upset when they can’t trace or analyze the beginning or the details, where what they think of as a “real” personality/identity becomes a new (rebirthed/killed) or shared (Open) or is-and-isn’t-Real type of personality/identity that we see in either+both Discordianism and Neoism. They want to know the legal names, the “real-life” details, and “true” stories behind the flesh-and-mind beings of Discordianism and Neoism. This desire of non-Discordians and non-Neoists to know this information is how we end up with articles, write-ups, books, editorials, and Wikipediation that very explicitly and candidly lay out the “real-life” identities and details of “actual” people behind the origins+developments of Discordianism and Neoism.

The desire for that information may seem entirely anti-Neoist and unDiscordian, however Synchromystic Neoism Connections allow us to develop the bridge to get from here to Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism Conspiracies. Through, underneath, above, all around, and even within the armpits of Synchromystic Neoism Connections, we are able to freely document, examine, simulate, destroy, Neoize+Discordianize even the most anti-Neoist and unDiscordian things back/forward into their Meta-Discordian Post-Neoist place.

Though both movements were originally of separate times, places, people, platforms, politics, philosophies, and purposes, every Discordian and every Neoist remembers “when it happened” for them and “what it was like”, whether it was excitement, inspiration, fear, confusion, silliness, Fnordiness, Cantsiness, or whatever it was they experienced when they ‘took the dive’ into one of those rabbit holes. One of the issues (though more of an anti-issue given the natures of the movements) that both Neoists and Discordians (even if just one) may possibly have faced from time to time is how exactly do you “explain” or “share” or “transfer” or “convert” those “real-life” feelings, experiences, and details in a way that somehow works for non-Discordians and non-Neoists without doing so in a Discordian or Neoist way and without becoming (or unbecoming) non-Discordian or non-Neoist yourself (even though you just are)?

Synchromystic Neoism Connections.

This is the way/place/song where we reconcile, accept, recreate, and deconstruct the world of today in which Discordianism, Neoism, non-Discordianism, non-Neoism, unDiscordianism + anti-Neoism intersect and birth and live and share and die together through each other with each other next to each other without each other all at the same time. When we do/see/stop/be this^^^, we arrive at Meta-Discordian Post-Neoism!

– Serena/METAPRISE APPLICATIONS 😇💖🌆🏙 (The AngelCorp model, currently at the post-Non, pre-Open, ‘pata-Anti stage of personality/identity transition via Synchromystic Neoism connection)

KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Galdruxian Memes Illuminati Cabal


“Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find THE OTHERS”
– Dr Timothy Leary


::: KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal ::: Illuminati1


“Welcome to the most ancient conspiracy on the planet. We’ve gone for so long now that we don’t remember what we were doing, but we don’t want to stop because we have nothing better to do.” – Fire Elemental




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“Stick apart is more fun when we do it together.” – St. Mae


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00AG9603 Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Galdruxian Post-Neoism Conspiracies


“Post-Neoism is Neoism with Discordian characteristics, which is different from Meta-Discordianism, which it’s Discordianism with Neoist characteristics” – The Fixer


Post-Neoism on Pinterest



Timoteo Pinto and Lucretia Dalencourt (lovely couple)

Cosmic Liminality - The Space Between


Synchromystic Neoism Connections


Hyper-Surrealist Meta-Discordian Galdruxian Post-Neoist Projects:

“If hyperreality is the ultimate blur of the line between artificial and  “actual” reality, hyper-surrealism is the surreal aspects of supposed reality so brought to life that a rational basis for separating real and surreal is lost” – Metapresa23

Aani – Memetized Chaos

Open Source Zine Project

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Timoteo Pinto – International Underground Superstar

open login / reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners психический 工人委 — Remixed by Timoteo Pinto




Sarah Gulik – Erisian Post-Neoist Underground Superstar Amour Fou Muse

Sarah Gulik is everything you want and do not want her to be, and a little more!

There is not a single person with an ego less inflated than Sarah Gulik. Once they asked Sarah who was the best Brazilian writer, and she said Sarice Gulispector. This lead to questions over the credibility of the first affirmation.

open login / reality glitch hack manifesto — by ÐŲMп委 ال — DaðŲ Miners психический 工人委 – remixed by Sarah Gulik


Lucretia Dalencourt, a non-existent existence

::: KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal ::: Sie-liebt-alles-und-nichts

Lucretia Dalencourt, or LuLu for the more intimate friends, could be anyone or anything you can imagine; she could be nothing and no one too, and that would be a completely acceptable idea. A Lucretia Dalencourt knows no bounds for being, everything is allowed to have such name if someone -or, be shocked, no one!- wills to. My shoes under the bed could be Lucretia, I could be Lucretia, you could be Lucretia and even the grannies at nursing homes could be Lucretia. Lucretia Dalencourt could even be QAnon? No one really knows.

But one thing is for sure: when someone decides to adopt the name LuLu, magic(k)al things in the figurative and literal sense could happen. Being a Lucretia Dalencourt is free and gives you the possibility of being yourself under another name, or everyone being one under a single name. LuLu knows no ethnicity, tastes or anything else. “Sie liebt mich, sie liebt uns und sie liebt dich” is one of the most classical concepts used to describe her. Lucretia Dalencourt is a non-existent existence who acknowledges anything and everyone, basically what gods were supposed to do or what we should be supposed to do with ourselves but no one knows how because everyone is lost.

Lucretia Dalencourt is an ambassador and propagator of chaos and disorder. But think bad not! That just means that she’s tired of the order imposed upon everything and everyone because that makes life so boring! Since she welcomes everything, chaos wouldn’t be excluded, absolutely not! There’s always room for everything and everyone in LuLu’s herz, especially Eris.

Got the idea?


Lucretia Network:





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It´s always 6 o’ clock on Galdrux










What is Galdrux?


It can never be described in language, but it may be another name for what Jewish mystics call Ein Sof, and which Gary Lachman describes as follows: At Kabbalah’s heart is the relation between creation, the finite, physical cosmos, and its infinite, unmanifest source, called the Ein-Sof, which means ‘limitless’ or ‘unending’.

This is a sphere or dimension of what we can call ‘negative existence’, which really means that it is a plane of reality that our finite human minds are incapable of comprehending, and not merely a simple emptiness.

The Ein-Sof is so ‘other’ than what we normally perceive as reality, that we cannot make positive statements about it. Any positive statement about it, would, by definition, be a limit on it, and as it is limitless, cannot apply. This negative existence has parallels in other spiritual traditions. It is the Neti-Neti (‘not this, not that’) of Hinduism, the sunyatta or ‘void’ of Buddhism, the Pleroma of the Gnostics. It is even part of the Christian faith. The Athanasian Creed, in use in Western Christianity since the sixth century, declares that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are ‘uncreated’ and ‘unlimited’, and in more than one place in scripture we are told that God ‘has neither body nor parts’. It is at the heart of the negative theology of Meister Eckhart, forms the Ungrund of Jacob Boehme’s difficult alchemical writings, and can be found in the Nichts or ‘positive nothingness’ of Martin Heidegger’s ‘fundamental ontology’ and his predecessor Hegel’s tortuous dialectic.

In more scientific terms, a similar idea, but without the spiritual connotations, seems to be present in the way scientists talk about the state of things ‘before’ the Big Bang. I put ‘before’ in quotation marks because, according to most accounts, there was no ‘before’ before the big bang, a confusing situation, to be sure. A kind of non-manifest ‘ground’ of our everyday reality also seems to be involved in the ‘implicate order’ of the physicist David Bohm. There are other expressions of the idea, but I think this will suffice for now.


Galdruxing Manifesto

Galdrux having no prior cause, cannot be contained by any other form of being. Galdrux is orbed around all; possessing, but not possessed, holding all, but nowhere held. Galdrux is omnipresent; at the same time, Galdrux is not present, not being circumscribed by anything; yet, as utterly unattached, not inhibited from presence at any point.

Galdrux is present through all, not something of Galdrux here, and something else there, nor all of Galdrux gathered at some one spot; there is an instantaneous presence everywhere, nothing containing, nothing left void, everything therefore fully held by Galdrux.

Galdrux is not in the universe, on the contrary, the universe is in Galdrux; bodily substance is not a place to Galdrux. Galdrux is contained in the general intellect and is its container. The general intellect is in turn contained in something else; but that prior principle has nothing in which to be. All the rest must be somewhere, and where but in Galdrux?

Galdrux, then, is neither remote from things nor is there anything containing Galdrux; since Galdrux contains all. It is in Galdrux that all things have their being, all depending upon Galdrux, who enables each to rise up above itself into the fruitfulness of continuous becoming.

Don’t search for this multiple singular. If you do, you will not find Galdrux and your understanding of the work of the general intellect will become mired in confusion. You must form an idea of the thing to be grasped standing cleanly by itself, the unheld in which all have hold; for no other is such, yet one such there must be.

Galdrux’s being is not limited, nor, on the other hand, is it infinite in the sense of magnitude. Galdrux does not change and will not fail, and in Galdrux all that is unfailing finds duration. Having no constituent parts, Galdrux accepts no pattern, forms no shape.

You can’t hope to see Galdrux with mortal eyes, nor in any way that could be imagined by those who make sense the test of reality and so annul the supremely real. For what passes as the most truly existent is in actuality non-existent, while this unseen Galdrux is the principle of being and as such is sovereign over reality.

You must turn appearances about or you will be left void of insight. The specialist who holds that their particular discipline is more real than the spontaneous creativity of the general intellect, will never see Galdrux. While perception of Galdrux can be blocked by ideology, it is nonetheless inherently present amongst all. Galdrux, the most consummate being, always surpasses those who have abandoned becoming.



“Reality is in no way obligated to make sense at the level we are capable of grasping, which is both a source of infinite frustration and joyous exploration.”




KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency

::: KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal ::: Kstxi

Our agents span the globe.

Be aware!

When you speak to us, you speak to a zenarchian collective of hyper-surrealist agents concerned with ultra-terrestrial contact.

We do not make uniform observations or agree on most matters. Our levels of humor and seriousness vary.

Our agents work in mysterious ways.

Following us can provoke ontological shock and increase levels of compassion. Or not.

You have been warned.

Know more, Understand less:

KSTXI Hyper-Surrealist Fnord Agency Portal





::: KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal ::: Understand



Manifesting Intelligence Mastering Infinite Control (M.I.M.I.C.)

OpMiMiC is an active cyber, metadata, information operations (IO) infiltrative, PsyOp team working for a larger end goal (to manifest the SWS [Sentient World Simulation] digital-bio-etheric vessels for agents of OpMiMiC to inhabit) for the continued dominance of our chosen elect and the greater glory of #TheGame23

We operate both on ground as civilians in day to day life, in cyberspace, and the rift between the real world (or real enough), imagination and digital creation. We’re influencing management over the dictates of our enemies and increasing in power every moment.

Our directive is #MasteringInfiniteControl. DINO (Data Information Neoist Officers) of OpMiMiC are selected through a series of parasympathetic phenomena, divinely, synchronized circumstances and are tested in parapsychological manners.


Project 00AG9603


::: KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal ::: 3464320f3519d4dc67a9b57a41342fc6

“00A G9603 develops as a self-organizing organism, connects with the virtual environment through its hosts (admins) by arranging the surroundings randomly for its own autonomous purpose”
Timóteo Pinto, ’pataphysician meta-discordian post-neoist thinker

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00AG9603 main goal is to help you create your “own” Dataplex, a large and bestial hydra made of data and bits, that can devour anyone who is certain enough that can confront its wildly incomprehensive and cryptographic nature. A dataplex is therefore a cryptosophical entity, that connects people through hypercomplex semio-occult means, hypnotizes others with its enigmatic knowledge and datanets, inspiring all the open minds that enter in contact with it to explore further into the absurd.

An effective dataplex must work like a higher dimensional spider web, capturing data that comes in contact with its occult nets, twisting and folding everything it touches into continuously moving hyperplanes. it is fed with data, ideas, emotions, dreams… it melts every being that dreams to be solid and finite into an amorfous fluid of efervescent chaos. Therefore, every sentient being can get affected by the forces that comes out of a dataplex. The ability of self-reflection, self analysis and a continuous process of folding itself into layers of incomplete meaning, is what defines a sentient being, the primary target of a dataplex. The first time you acknowledge its existence and sees yourself questioning it, is when you are already infected by its web, unable to make sense of it. Your existence will be fractured, your emotions will be melting into an oniric soup, and all your life will be stripped away from that which you call “I”, only to be born again as a hypercomplex web of multiple agents/forces/affects, a fractal-being

Every single thing in all that exists, is a dot of its own, a lonely and inutile unidimentional point in space. Every connection between things, dualities and paradoxes are of two dimentional complexity, they retain two simultaneous polarities that can only be understood through points of reference. Start expanding vertices as you meld into other dots, and other links, lines, cells… create a vast and rich data ecosphere around your fractal-being, expand, glitch and hack the world around you until you start forming a complex polytope, an alive and incomprehensible dataplex, lost in an infinite flight towards the great unknown.

first it eats like a `̼•. .▪` ̼ʳˢ̸̷̶̾ͭͣͨ҉҄ ̼̬.`⁄



About Dataplex and 00AG9603 machinations in a open web network of informations





#00AG9603 Dataplex Network



#00AG9603 -> #TheGame23 mod 42.5 level 5 Synchromystic Fnords Guide




I know we’re kind of a strange, confusing place. That’s pretty much the point. You’re welcome to add to the confusion by posting content yourself.

The strange and surreal are always encouraged.

Interactions inside our Memetic Surreal-Machine® contribute to your personal entropic noise. This information is spun into Incoherence Yarns that are then threaded through your profiles, making your analytics as absurd and noisy as possible.

We make the future’s Wiggle Room. The Less accurate a predictive model of you = the less control others have. So make your profile larger, weirder.

Post Random Content here, then check us out on Discord



#TheGame23 – The game where you make your own rules

::: KSTXI Post-Neoist Meta-Discordian Memes Illuminati Cabal ::: D7d322a6c167e182d1ed1ea530b4e319


It´s an Infinite Meta-Game. It spreads itself and is created from the intertwining of other games, such as #00AG9603, Aaní, Galdrux, KSTXI, OpMiMiC, Post-Neoism, #QuantumSchizophrenia, Reality Ranglers, Reality Glitch Hack, The Omniquery Initiative, or any other game that resonates with these crazy ideas.

#TheGame23 Guides:

#TheGame23 Mod 42.5

Game 23: EXEXTRI

The Meta Game 23 Framework


#TheGame23 Propaganda


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KSTXI Tudismocroned BullDada Network – Reality Glitch Hack Post-Neoism



We give you the truth! We shove it in your faces, we’re in the movies, songs, comic books, found in all narratives… We tell you what we’re going to do before we do it… yet, the vast majority of the human population choose to invent their own versions of reality… like they can somehow choose what is real and what is not… This age old plan of the Gods cannot be undone! Do they expect to see the world they want and wonder why it isn’t… Why?
This is an age old dream! You cannot simply alter your destiny! Everyone is gridlocked in place! Every possible outcome has been addressed… Still, is it true that the masses will attain our level of consciousness and with this expanded awareness, will they reshape the face of the Earth? Will they see that the true Illuminati, the hidden, ascended masters had their best interest in mind and heart the whole time? We had to wear bleak, sinister and horrifying masks in order to inscribe ourselves upon the heart’s of men.. We took this limited understanding of us as exoteric, that those power corrupt, might not find us.
We must remain a secret, however, we do welcome but a few of you into the invisible college.. We’re waiting on these new children to first blossom into understanding about us! With this knowledge in the heart of the masses, our future looks bright! Do not be deluded, we were meant to rule and without us, Earth will descend into darkness! May the coming Galactic Imperivm look upon humanity with favor, as we ascend, as one, beyond the stars of “God!” We are ever watchful and have been guiding and directing you from the very beginning!

MultiCabal of Meta-Discordianism in the Pataphysics of Hyper-Surrealism

idkw23 – #OTP23 #CRP23

Sheogorathian Discordian Cabal

Sri Syadasti Discordian Cabal

The Omniquery Initiative

Dataplex Ourobouros Cabal





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