An Open Letter to John Oliver and the Team that Supports Him

John Oliver (you rugged, thoughtful, full-package of a man, you): you and your staff will become legends if you aren't already. Your continued entertaining coverage of this pandemic is admirable. The sobering tone of being in a Matrix-asking-for-too-many-guns-esque studio alongside your sobering tone of voice (I lost my thesaurus in all the panic), is sobering. I wish I had another word for it, but I'm just a lowly English professor. Catch as catch can.

You may well be the face of reason in an era of absolute nonsense. We all know nonsense because you and your team show that in these updates, too, which lends the whole thing an air of levity and gravity at once.

As an educator (#humblebrag…am I behind the times?), I appreciate your continued dedication to speaking truth to power in a time of unparalleled hypocrisy, abuse of power, and false information (not to be confused with "false news" which has now taken what I hope is a negative connotation).

These are revolutionary times. I am proud to say that we have not taken to the streets en masse, committed mass murder among us all, and have overall tried to respond in a sensible, civilized way.

I believe that your level-headed analysis and commentary contributed to that response. There are so many people to thank for this outcome. Most of them are the ones on the ground, risking infection, risking senseless hate and violence, and risking their own lives to help others.

My friends and I commiserate with the toll this pandemic has taken on the poor, the ones living check-to-check, the ones who suffer most when anything like this happens. We are in a fortunate place. We haven't been debilitated by this thing yet, and our hearts go out to all those who have been hammered by this spreading virus.

We need a way to help each other. No one was prepared for this (except the ones who had immediate information and had a leadership who cared about them), and so now it falls to us all.

We must band together, like, yesterday, gurl (i.e. yesterday means a few months ago). The irony is that it's just plain ironic, and the people who can't perceive irony don't see it as ironic. Isn't that ironic. Cue Alanis Morissette's hit song "Ironic" (except her song did kinda give some decent examples of certain types of irony. It got a lot of unnecessary hate for that because people get confused about irony pretty easily).

That said,

John Oliver, your staff, your writers, producers, or whoever works on this show. You are doing good work. You did it in times of relative normalcy, and you continue to do it in times of madness.

This is my thank you letter. I hope you see it.

-Professor Bumble-Fuck the Tired

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