Glitch plugins vs. “Genuine” data bending?

Hello all,

I'm interested in learning some new techniques for creating art, and I LOVE the glitch look! I'm constantly blown away by the amazing work put out in this subreddit. I've been researching some techniques, and it seems a lot of how to "corrupt" the data and glitch it, is by reaching into the 1's and 0's in unexpected ways, by opening up a file in a text editor and messing with it, or opening a file in audacity and messing with it and reconstructing it. These techniques feel very authentic and it's super cool messing with.the files in such ways.

In contrast to this, how different would this be than if I bought this package for After effects and used it? Is this software messing with the data in similar ways? Or just making it look like it is? Is it less authentic to do so?

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